Friday, September 13, 2013


By Barbara Jones, Los Angeles Daily News

9/11/13, 7:43 PM PDT | Updated: 9/12/2013 ::  LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy wants to hire seven experienced “administrative liaisons” for more than $100,000 each per year to be a link between his office and the new advisory committees created by school board President Richard Vladovic.

The liaisons “will be instrumental in leading the review of topics which will allow the Board to be better informed and render decisions,” said the job description posted on the district’s website. The deadline to apply is 4:30 p.m. today.

One of Vladovic’s first actions upon becoming president was to create a Committee of the Whole, plus six other advisory panels made up of various board members. The panels will delve into complex issues and then report their findings and recommendations to their colleagues.

Deasy said he’s recruiting additional staff because of the anticipated increase in research and other work spawned by the new committees but acknowledged he might not need one for each panel.

“I hope to be able to get by with three or four,” he said. “I expect there will be a significant volume of work, but I don’t want to take my senior team away from their current duties. At the same time, I want a staff member to be attending the committee meetings and to be responsive to board members’ requests.”

Money to pay for the liaisons will come from the general fund, he said.

The advisory committees include Budget, Facilities and Audit; Common Core Technology; Early Childhood Education and Parent Engagement; Curriculum and Instruction; Meeting Improvement Process; and Adult Education.

On Tuesday, Vladovic announced that he’d created another committee to study positive school climate and school safety issues. It will be chaired by Monica Garcia — Vladovic’s predecessor as president — who was the only member not previously asked to lead a panel.

Also on Tuesday, Vladovic advised Deasy that he could scale back on the number of top administrators who have been attending the board meetings. Vladovic had ordered about 50 administrators to be available so they could meet with parents or answer board members’ questions but amended that to say that only “key decision-makers” needed to come from now on.

Deasy said Wednesday he was reluctant to make any changes because of the varying demands of board members and parents. The superintendent estimated the salaries of the certificated administrators add up collectively to about $1,616 an hour and the classified administrators, $935 an hour.


2cents smf:  I don’t get a vote, but I doubt if there will be one. Who would move it?    …who would second it?

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