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by Hillel Aron in LA School Report |

Posted on September 25, 2013  ::  The Los Angeles Unified School District has begun the search to replace Deputy Superintendent for Instruction Jamie Aquino, who announced a week and a half ago that he would resign at the end of the year.

Jaime Aquino

Jaime Aquino>>

The job posting seeks to find “an accomplished and visionary educator with considerable experience aligning student and school needs with the resources that ensure academic success.” The annual salary for the job is $250,000 a year plus benefits, about what Aquino was making.


Superintendent John Deasy said that he expects the job search to take months. Deasy has final say on the candidate, but the board retains the right to reject the choice.

Shortly after Aquino resigned, the teachers union’s twitter account tweeted that the opening represented an opportunity “to revisit the instructional direction of the District.”

  1. 2cents small There was no public job search when Aquino assumed the job he is now leaving. Aquino joined the District quite suddenly, two weeks after Deasy’s ascendance from deputy  to the superintendency. That was then.
  2. This is now. Deasy has the right to select his #2. However, in-light-of (and complicated-by) his rather precarious tenure he doesn’t have the right to select his successor/heir apparent as superintendent any more than Eli Broad, Bill Gates, The Walton Family or the mayor of Los Angeles.
  3. Applications for the job are due Nov. 4th. Deasy says the selection process will take months.  Aquino has been conspicuously absent from public meetings this week – sending representatives who were unable to answer questions about the Common Core Curriculum or the Common Core Technology Project – of which he is the point person
  4. Who is going to serve as the Interim Deputy Superintendent of Instruction – and in the case of the CCTP/Ipads for All: crisis manager - during this interregnum?

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