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by smf for 4LAKidsNews:

When the following email with the title above popped up in my browser I thought it was going to be about Prop 39 charter co-locations in California – maybe about Dr. Deasy’s threat to place  a charter co-lo at Venice High School if the School site Council/School Based Management Committee won’t agree to his Pilot School Plan – even though it has already been rejected by the Board of Ed based on community input!


27. Superintendent behaves as if he is beyond reproach.

33. Superintendent bypasses school board entirely and keeps them out of the loop on significant or all issues.

34. School board candidates receive unprecedented amounts of campaign money from business interests.

    • …..almost all the numbers from 1 to 41 apply …these just apply specifically today!

But no – it’s different. It’s National!

And – gentle reader – it’s exactly the same thing, the same thinking, scaled nationally.

Read on:

By email  to  Save Our Schools Members

Tuesday 26 March 2013

To Occupy or be Occupied, that is the question.  In reality, perhaps the greater question is are we, in this country, preoccupied with high-stakes testing, and teaching only The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics [STEM] courses? Do we score our youth and define them, their teachers, and schools as successes or failures only to end opportunities for education? Do we  care about the children or are we just busy building adult coalitions? 

Perhaps it is time to take an active role in real education reform. But where do we begin and how?  Let us consider that education policy is borne in an office, in Washington DC. Oh sure, Congress approves the plans, but basically the root of regulations  is found in a building, the  Lyndon Baines Johnson Department of Education Building. 400 Maryland Avenue, SW, 7E-247, Washington, DC 20202.  Let's go there to change the education conversation! We will. Please Join Us! Find out how you too can Occupy the DOE.

Hear the details this Wednesday, March 27th, 2013 at 9:00PM EST! Join Us for the Save Our Schools Webinar Fundraiser; Occupy the DOE 2.0!.


The Battle for Public Schools


Please Join Us as We Occupy the Department of Education for a Second Time!!

Drs. Sam Anderson, Morna McDermott, Shaun Johnson, Veteran Educator Ceresta Smith and Student Voice Stephanie Rivera will share the details during this Save Our Schools hosted Webinar.

Come and chat or just listen in! It is all about education, learning and doing.

March 27th at 9PM EST.  6 PM PDT

Learn more about the four-day gathering of progressive education activists and our shared endeavor. We resolve to shine light on the destructive influences of corporate and for-profit education reforms. On March 27th, at 9PM Eastern Time UNITED OPT OUT NATIONAL Board Members and Organizers, Sam Anderson, Morna McDermott, Shaun Johnson, and Ceresta Smith will speak about the second annual event.Save Our Schools, in support will host the Webinar/Fundraiser. Together let us help raise funds so that student scholars might attend the Washington DC Rally and March.

Save Our Schools wholeheartedly endorses and encourages each person who cares about high quality, equitably funded professionally staffed public schools to attend the second Annual Occupy The Department Of Education and a Save Our Schools Webinar Fundraiser to learn more about the endeavor to be held on April 4-7, 2013.

Save Our Schools wishes to further awareness for the cause and offer support for support for student travelers. Please help defray the cost of their travel. We ask you to contribute what you are able. Donate Now!


See the Full Schedule for Occupy the DOE Occupy2.0:

The Official Schedule for Occupy DOE 2.0: The Battle for Public Schools via TweetMe @unitedoptout Please review the Full Schedule at http://bit.ly/Ufd7LG

Together we can change the conversation.

We can preserve and transform public education for all the children!


Our mission is to build a national grassroots, people-powered movement,

which preserves and transforms public education,

as the cornerstone of a democratic society.

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