Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Q: WHAT DO MONICA GARCIA, KATE ANDERSON & A PAGE 3 GIRL HAVE IN COMMON? A: They have all been bought & paid for by Rupert Murdoch

Monica Garcia Kate Anderson Sun Page 3 Girl

from 4LAKidNews

Page Three (or Page 3) is a feature found in the Sun tabloid newspaper in the United Kingdom, consisting of a large photograph of a topless female glamour model usually published on the newspaper's third page. The Sun has featured topless models (known as Page Three girls) in its print edition since November 1970 as well as on its official Page Three website since June 1999. Although "Page Three" and "Page 3" are registered trademarks of NI Group Ltd, parent company of the Sun, the feature has been widely imitated in other British tabloids and by newspapers internationally [Wikipedia]


4 March 2013  ::  Rupert Murdoch – the Australian born British Press baron, American citizen owner of Fox News has donated $250,000 to the ®eform Coalition, supporting Ms. Garcia for School Board in LAUSD District 2, Ms. Anderson in District 4  and Anonio Sachez in District 6.

There are no Page Three Girls in the Wall Street Journal. Yet.

Coalition for School Reform Campaign Filing 3.3.13 

Rupert Murdoch

IT MUST BE TRUE, I READ IT IN THE ROLLING STONE: As CEO, Murdoch not only tolerates employees and executives who push the boundaries of legality and good taste, he celebrates them — at least until the cops show up. - Rupert Murdoch's American Scandals | Politics News | Rolling Stone http://rol.st/WFtcsn

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