Friday, March 01, 2013

THE WEEK THAT (ALMOST) WAS: Dispatches from the frontline +smf’s 2¢


From Anonymous Secondary Principal to the AALA Update, week of March 4, 2013 |

Just wanted to share/vent. The number of successive meetings makes it impossible to supervise instruction at the schoolhouse.

This week:

  • Tuesday --1/2 [day] meeting (including travel to and from ESC office) on Algebra SPA results;
  • Wednesday -- day long principals’ network meeting;
  • Thursday--day long operations meeting.
  • Monday was a holiday, so that leaves
  • Friday for everything else, including writing up 2 teachers, visiting classrooms, planning PD for next week, approving payroll, etc.

There still seems to be a disconnect between what we are expected to do and the time we have to accomplish it. I am on campus every Saturday to try and catch up; a losing proposition.


●●smf: This cry for help needs no further explanation. Check the full Update page for the AALA response if you wish.

I realize the bit about writing up two teachers won’t elicit all that much sympathy from 4LAKids’ teacher-readers – but perhaps an administrator who’s not so overworked – and maybe at the school once-in-a-while  – would be a little more sympathetic. And more than likely those teachers are just as stressed and under-appreciated – they are certainly under-supported.

I remember the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union “Look For the Union Label” anthem: “Sure we work hard, but who’s complaining?”

But this is no time to cave in and go all  calm, composed and accommodating,

Your workplace isn’t a station at the widget factory; it’s a school where children and young people need to be safe, healthy and educated. The environment described is neither safe nor sane nor healthful. The-powers-that-be care only for data that supports their belief that data identifies success and everything else is anecdotal.

Children need to read technical manuals because technical manuals will be on the test. Moby Dick is an anecdote.

They do not give an instance of airborne intercourse for much else – and even less for the wellbeing and morale of their employees.

Gentle readers: Please open your hymnals to page 238 and sing with me the words Brother.Buddy Holly of Lubbock Texas taught us: Rave On!


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