Thursday, March 14, 2013

140 CHARACTERS (OR LESS) GATHER IN SAN DIEGO: Tokofsky tweets from the California Charter Schools Conference


The California Charter Schools Association – which pretends to altruistically represent all the charter schools in California – but in actuality represents/advocates-for/lobbies-on-behalf-of the charter schools that pay to join the trade association (which tends to align with the big-box charter management organizations ) – is holding its annual convention in San Diego this week.

CCSA invited self-described ‘Recovering School Bored Member’ David Tokofsky – whose relationship with charter schools is complicated – to the conference.  And he went.

David sent the following tweets from the conference yesterday:

@davidtokofsky/Wednesday 13March 2013:

  • Charter assn conf in San Diego celebrates its missionaries by honoring Steve Zimmer teacher unionist. ¡Not! Its Michelle Rhee again
  • Charter awards Jackie Elliott of pic schools award of year given by former pic leader ref rodriguez
  • Charter movement describes itself at war. Wow does the public want another war?
  • Michelle Rhee coming up now to speak at charter conference She is trying to be cutesy. Says Joel Klein is her mentor
  • Michelle Rhee using word I in almost every sentence
  • Michelle Rhee refers to herself as dragon in the lair. Does this help or hurt dragon fans
  • Michelle Rhee says there are crappy charters down the street. She says close failing charters but names not one
  • Michelle Rhee comes out against bureaucracy and in favor of moms
  • This is one of the most ordinary speeches I have ever heard on education Not one word on curriculum and instruction
  • Michelle Rhee compares Compton to Beverly hills. Tired polemic. Tired narrative tired speech tired logic barely a round of applause

smf: In the interest of (not very much) fairness:

CAL Charter Schools ‏@CALcharters/13March2013:

  • "You must lead from the front." Advice from keynote speaker @MichelleRhee #charterconference
  • It is ok not to be liked." Second piece of advice from speaker @MichelleRhee #charterconference
  • "There is a need for the charter movement to innovate." Third piece of advice from speaker @MichelleRhee #charterconference
  • · "More moms need to be superintendents." Final piece of advice by @MichelleRhee #charterconference
  • Thank you @MichelleRhee for such an inspiring and energizing keynote today! We need more leaders like you! #charterconference


smf: …and last and maybe least:

Michelle Rhee ‏@MichelleRhee/13March2013

  • @CALcharters Thank you for the opportunity! What a great forum to promote school choice for all families. #charterconference Retweeted by CAL Charter Schools


from Wikipedia:   In a speech at the Columbia Heights Education Campus in Washington DC, Rhee said that she once put small pieces of masking tape on the children's mouths so they would be quiet on the way to the lunchroom and that, after removing the tape, skin came off their lips, they were bleeding and she had "thirty-five kids who were crying".[6][7]

[6] - Bill Turque (August 13, 2011). "Michelle Rhee, first-year teacher". The Washington Post. Retrieved May 27, 2011.

[7] - "Rhee talks about her early misadventures in teaching" (audio recording). The Washington Post. August 13, 2010. Retrieved May 27, 2011.

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