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REPAIRS NOT iPADS? The world is watching …and there’s an app for that!

by smf for 4LAKids

16 Feb 2014  ::  The Repairs Not iPads Facebook Page  []  has grabbed the notice of the powers-that-be at a Beaudry; folks in the Facilities Services Division and LAUSD Maintenance & Operations are watching. Folks in Superintendent’s office and the boardmember’s offices are watching. The Bond Oversight Committee is watching.  The local and national media are watching.

Safety trumps Politics

As a political animal I realize that the intent is to question the superintendent’s commitment to technology (and Breakfast in the Classroom) at the expense of maintenance and operations/safety and repairs. I cannot report that the folks on the 24th floor have given up on iPads and BiC to fix and maintain plumbing in LAUSD. That’s probably not going to happen as long is this regime is the regime …but the attention is paying off …and increased attention and effort and commitment and hopefully funding is going into the M&O effort.

It’s working!

One complaint that the Facilities bigwigs make is that problems and photos on the Repairs Not iPads Facebook Page do not identify – or misidentify - locations of the problems.

4LAKid’s suggestion is this: 

  • Download the LAUSD Service Calls App (see following)  to your smartphone and use the reporting function. Take pictures. It is possible to report anonymously [in Settings] if you so desire – but be sure to correctly report the location of the problem. Use the phone’s location function if you can.  And yes, it it possible to track the results of your service call.
  • Then post the same photo on the Repairs Not iPads page if that is your desire – the public pressure helps!

The Service Calls App was created before the District’s iPad initiative so the App is not available for iPads at this time – but I will advocate that iPads be added to the platform base – which will add students to the reporter base!

from LAUSD FSD |

Are you tired of seeing graffiti, vandalism, and repairs needed in our schools? Ever wondered how you can report these issues? We have an App for that! Introducing LAUSD Service Calls.

LAUSD Service Calls is a free and easy to use mobile service that allows anyone within the LAUSD boundaries to report maintenance service calls using their mobile phone. Principals, Teachers, Students, Parents, and the public as a whole will be able to easily report issues to maintenance services (Graffiti, Vandalism, Repairs) for quick resolution.

LAUSD Service Calls support three major mobile application platforms: iTunes, Blackberry, and Android. LAUSD Service Calls will be available in the Windows Mobile and Palm platform later this year.


To download the application to your phone, simply access the iTunes, Blackberry or Android marketplace and search for 'LAUSD' or click on the download buttons below.

iPhone/iPod Touch : download
Touch OS 5.0+ : download
Non-Touch OS 5.0+: download

Android 1.5+ : download

Download Our Step-by-Step Guide

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