Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Dr. John explains it all for you: NEWSMAKER INTERVIEW ON THE LAUSD BUDGET

abc7.com - KABC Los Angeles News. John Deasy talks LAUSD ... LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy is seen on the Jan. 6, 2013 episode of KABC Eyewitness Newsmakers | http://bit.ly/13gRLAe

Eyewitness Newsmakers, a half-hour weekly program dedicated to a deeper exploration of local issues and concerns airs Sundays at 11 a.m. on ABC7. The show is hosted by Adrienne Alpert.

Part 1

Part 2


  • Deasy heralds return of 180 day school year.
  • All furloughs restored.
  • RIFs/Layoffs/Pink slips not  rescinded.  “…maybe next year”
    • …dodging the issue of continuing declining enrollment
  • Continues to argue how bad it would've  been had Prop 30 failed.
    • It could’ve been worse does not equal success!
  • Supports Gov Brown’s Weighted Student Formula and increased Flexibility.
  • Question about restoring Class Size Reduction also dodged …without committing to support CSR and seeming to welcome CSR funds going somewhere else through flexibility.
  • No mention of restoring Salary Basis – which as reductions in hours and days worked  were salary cuts to District staff.
  • In federal funding challenges Deasy discusses how the Fiscal Cliff morphs into the Budget Ceiling – with a potential 18% cut in federal funding to neediest kids.
  • Agrees with Chief Beck that in Sandy Hook aftermath and security arrangement with LAPD “a barrier has been broken in our culture.”
  • Advocates for teacher support of upcoming LAUSD/UTLA contract revision vote which (his words) supports “value-added evaluation” of schools and individual employees  to measure “academic growth over time” to improve teacher “quality control”.
  • Continues to bemoan UTLA failure to support his Race-to-the-Top application – which “cost LAUSD over $40 million” …without noting that LAUSD’s application  was an egg, not a chicken – an entry in a competitive field.

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