Sunday, December 08, 2013

No Friends Left In the Dark: SEND A FREE GIFT SUBSCRIPTION TO 4LAKids – the gift that keeps on giving!

Why should YOU be the only one who knows what’s going on?

Friends don’t let friends be under-and/or misinformed!

Everything you need to know is not contained in:

  • The Parent Handbook
  • The Teacher’s Edition of the Textbook
  • Pink memos and policy bulletins
  • The principal’s EdConnect message.
  • Those flyers from the bottom of your Kids’ backpacks.
  • Holy Scripture
    • Facebook , Twitter or You Tube
    • O Magazine
    • Billboards and Bus Ads
    • The Galatzan Gazette or Notes from the Cradle of Reform
    • The electronic marquee in front of the school
    • Bloom’s Taxonomy

    This is your chance to keep your friends and colleagues overinformed of all the good, bad and indifferent things in Los Angeles Education  …more than they wanted to know, sooner than they wanted to know it!

    Disclaimer: 4LAKids really doesn’t cover the indifferent all that well!


    a new window will open up.

    you may recognize that it’s a email from your email program – how did that happen?

    Send 4LAKids the email address(es) of your friends and colleagues and we will sign them up. If you want to send them a gift card that’s probably a good idea.

    …and if continuing to live in the dark is preferable to weekly informative +rreverent-mails, unsubscribing is only one click away

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