Sunday, December 01, 2013


By Judith Fenlon | The Chronicle of Social Change

November 23, 2013  ::  Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Seattle, Washington (206) 709- 3100 November, 2013

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has announced numerous grants awarded to organizations that improve educational opportunities for the nation’s youth. The Gates foundation has partnered with educators, school leaders, and nonprofit organizations across the country that they believe can transform U.S. public education.

This quarter, there is a focus on the Common Core State Standard of learning, which have been adopted by more than 45 states. These standards which cover kindergarten through 12th grade, offer school districts a road map of the skills and concepts that young people need for college and career readiness. The Common Core, which focuses on real world literacy and mathematical skills, currently requires support around implementation.

Many of the Gates partners are supporting students, educators and school leaders in the 2014-2015 school year.

The Foundation has also awarded grants to organizations that provide support for Charter Schools, increase teacher effectiveness, support, create and implement data driven tools, and increase opportunities for personalized and differentiated learning.

Organizations that use innovation and technology to further student's learning needs, are also recognized.

The following highlights are Grants that have been awarded under the College-Ready Education and the Postsecondary Success program areas:

  • Jefferson Parish Public School System, Harvey, Louisiana, $200,000 to support effective implementation of instructional reforms by aligning resources and developing knowledge that other districts can use.
  • Teach For America, New York, $400,000

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