Tuesday, February 12, 2013

School Board on School Mental Health: “DON’T BELIEVE WHAT WE DO …BELIEVE WHAT WE BELIEVE!”

“Everybody has to believe something. I believe I’ll have a drink.” - W.C. Fields

This is what the Board of Ed believes:

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Whereas, Having school mental health professionals available to schools assists schools not only in identifying potentially violent behaviors but proactively assisting in reducing risks through counseling, case management, and referrals as well as training school staff;

- resolution on today’s Board agenda


This is what the Board does:

from the UTLA Website: http://bit.ly/1599QCk

School Board expected to vote Feb 12 on proposal to cut more than 200 positions

At a time when school safety is at the forefront of public discussion and political debate, LAUSD is primed to trim its budget by reducing the number of school psychologists, psychiatric social workers, and counselors. It is unconscionable that LAUSD would cut these key positions—who serve as student mental health “first responders” on campus—when our communities need these resources more than ever.

The School Board is expected to vote Tuesday on a proposal to cut more than 200 positions for the 2013-14 school year. Teacher librarians are also on the District’s hit list. Anyone who works in our schools knows that LAUSD needs more teacher librarians—not fewer—to serve the needs of our students.

LAUSD’s Hit List

According to District documents, LAUSD officials are seeking School Board approval to issue RIF notices to the following certificated staff.

194 permanent positions:

  57 psychiatric social workers

  13 school psychologists

  29 secondary counselors

  78 PSA counselors

  17 teacher librarians

14 probationary positions:

  13 school psychologists

    1 teacher librarian

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