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SCHOOL BOARD EXPECTED TO VOTE TOMORROW TO CUT MORE THAN 200 POSITIONS: psychiatric social workers, school psychologists and counselors

United Teachers Los Angeles

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208 RIFs is 208 too many

LAUSD’s planned cuts will hurt students.

At a time when school safety is at the forefront of public discussion and political debate, LAUSD is primed to trim its budget by reducing the number of school psychologists, psychiatric social workers, and counselors. It is unconscionable that LAUSD would cut these key positions—who serve as student mental health “first responders” on campus—when our communities need these resources more than ever.

The School Board is expected to vote Tuesday on a proposal to cut more than 200 positions for the 2013-14 school year. Teacher librarians are also on the District’s hit list. Anyone who works in our schools knows that LAUSD needs more teacher librarians—not fewer—to serve the needs of our students.

“These RIFs are unacceptable, and they break the promise of Prop. 30,” UTLA President Warren Fletcher said. “The public approved the measure so that the damaging cuts to schools would stop, but LAUSD just keeps chopping away.”

UTLA is urging School Board members to stand with us in opposition to these cuts. Prop. 30 and the improved economy are infusing schools with increased funding. LAUSD must begin now to repair the damage done by years of budget cuts—not continue dismantling vital services for students. Rebuilding our schools means stopping all RIFs, rehiring teachers and health and human services professionals, lowering class size, and restoring programs.


The School Board will decide whether these RIFs get issued or not. It is another compelling example of why we need to be active in the current School Board race. Learn more about UTLA-endorsed candidates and the “Stop Garcia” campaign at Email to volunteer.

LAUSD’s Hit List

According to District documents, LAUSD officials are seeking School Board approval to issue RIF notices to the following certificated staff.

194 permanent positions:

  57 psychiatric social workers

  13 school psychologists

  29 secondary counselors

  78 PSA counselors

  17 teacher librarians

14 probationary positions:

  13 school psychologists

    1 teacher librarian

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