Friday, July 31, 2015

ELI’S COMIN’ …better hide your heart girl

Message dated July 8 Received by  Cortines VAPA High School/Central High School #9 parents on July 31st


…and where’s Dr. Vladovic on the letterhead?

Eli’s Comin’ meanings: from Urban Dictionary

Eli's Coming: a 1967 song by singer/songwriter Laura Nyro from her album Eli and the Thirteenth Confession, covered by Three Dog Night

  1. A phrase signifying a portend of something evil. (source: Three Dog Night, "Eli's Coming")
  2. To make reference to an inveterate womanizer who is on his way. (ibid)
  3. “Eli” is the Prophet Elijah and his second coming is an apocalyptic portent, similar in the Jewish tradition to the Second Coming of Christ in the Christian tradition.

"I got up this morning and felt weird... I think Eli's Coming."

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