Friday, July 03, 2015


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State revenue now hundred of millions higher than budget estimates -- The 2014-15 fiscal year came to an end this week, and it will be a long time before officials finish closing the books. Early signs, though, are that revenue for the just-completed fiscal year will exceed estimates in the newly minted state budget by hundreds of millions of dollars. Jim Miller in the Sacramento Bee$

New budget spurs Standard & Poor's to upgrade California's credit rating -- The Wall Street ratings agency Standard & Poor's gave a vote of confidence to California's finances on Thursday, upgrading its credit rating to its highest level in 14 years. Chris Megerian in the Los Angeles Times$

California property tax values increasing -- California’s county tax assessors are reporting sharp increases in valuations that will generate billions of new dollars for local governments and schools, according to the California Taxpayers Association. Dan Walters in the Sacramento Bee$

Vaccine opponents continue efforts against California law -- Opponents of California's new law to boost vaccination rates among schoolchildren by strictly limiting exemptions are continuing to fight the legislation online and in public protests, even after Gov. Jerry Brown signed the bill into law this week. Juliet Williams Associated Press -- 7/3/15

Man accused of scrawling graffiti against vaccine law in Beverly Hills -- Police in Beverly Hills arrested a man Thursday on suspicion of scrawling graffiti condemning California's new mandatory vaccine law, SB 277, in various locations around Los Angeles County. Matt Hamilton in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 7/3/15

Tim Donnelly soliciting referendum help from Jim Carrey -- Jim Carrey, he of “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” and “Dumb and Dumber,” looks to have been inspired by the movie “Trace Amounts” when he denounced California’s tough new vaccine law. Christopher Cadelago in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 7/3/15

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