Sunday, March 02, 2014


from the associated administrators of LA weekly update |

27 February 2014  ::  There are currently more than 14,000 adults and concurrent students on waiting lists for classes in the Division of Adult and Career Education. However, there are only ten Adult Education Service Areas presently open to serve the LAUSD of 710 square miles and 27 cities. Not long ago, there were 39 Community Adult Schools, some of which–in addition to three or four major campuses–had more than 30 classes in community locations such as elementary and middle schools. Churches and many community-based/nongovernmental organizations also opened their doors for adult education classes. Due to budget reduction, most of those classes and community collaborations are now history. Consequently, addressing the need for adult education in LAUSD is not simply a matter of securing ongoing funding, but of planning for the expansion of current services. AALA continues to advocate for the restoration of adult schools and additional classes to serve the needs of both adults and high school students.

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