Wednesday, March 05, 2014

L.A. Times Reporter Tweets from the UTLA Candidates Forum Last Night:


@HowardBlume tweets:

4 Mar 2014 | 6:59PM  ::  About 50 people tonight at forum for UTLA prez elex. Some are non-UTLA members. Typical of poor attendance, lack of wide interest.

although this forum is being recorded for any1 w/a surge of interest. Hosted by group Educators4Excellence,

●●smf chimes in: In order to RSVP for the event – which was advertised as being ‘open to all’ it was necessary to first subscribe to the tenets of Educators 4 Excellence – a Gates Funded pro-®eform astroturf group.

from the E4E website: This event is for E4E members.  Membership is free and open to all.  If you’d like to become a member, just review and sign our declaration of principles. Doing so now will automatically register you for this event.

I wanted to go but wasn’t prepared to make that commitment. …and the school board meeting* ran past 5:30!

I am somewhat surprised that the UTLA presidential candidates put up with that folderol – maybe they didn’t know or didn’t do their homework. I am equally surprised that E4E let Howard Blume in!

HB: & now tidbits from each of 10 candidates in no particular order. Read on at your own risk or 4 your own enlightenment/entertainment.

Teacher Innocent Osunwa: UTLA's must protect/defend teachers who r "victimized every single day.” A need to expose "the evil within LAUSD"

h.s. teacher Alex Caputo-Pearl: talks of progressive slate, mostly women. endorsed by 240 chapter chairs. says he's an organizer/parent.

Union prez Warren Fletcher: in his 3 years, free fall stoppd, but needs to continue focus on core mission: protecting, cherishing teachers

Substitute chapter chair Leonard Segal: important to pick some1 who will protect all members. says his fundraising plan would ease strains

Teacher Kevin Mottus: He says wireless technology in classrooms is killing teachers&students w radiation. Wired technology is OK.

Marcos Ortega II: Says he's currently false accused of misconduct. Also wants union to adopt pink as its color instead of "violent" red.

h.s. teacher Bill Gafney: Compares union to his 9th grade son who always says no. collaboration more effective, tho not always possible.

high school teacher Saul Lankster: If all knew him like wife knows him, he says he'd win. main goal is closing "teacher jails."

current vp Gregg Solkovits: says 25% of schools lack chapter chairs. vows to correct. also says union needs to deliver own message better

laid off arts teacher David Garcia: always the most combative. says union&district leaders deeply corrupt. "It’s just a corrupt circus."


* Don’t get me started!

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