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Debate> RESOLVED: EMBRACE THE COMMON CORE; Urgency vs. Following-through on what we’ve started

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broadcast in KCRW/89.3 9am-10am 11/28/2014


Illustration by Thomas James

Debate Date: Tuesday, September 9, 2014

In K-12 education, there is nothing more controversial than the Common Core State Standards, national academic standards in English and math. Adopted by more than 40 states, they were developed, in part, to address concerns that American students were falling behind their foreign counterparts and graduating high school without the necessary skills for college and the workforce. But is this the reform we’ve been looking for? Has the federal government overreached and saddled our schools with standards that have been flawed from the start? Or will the Common Core raise the bar and improve the quality of our children’s education?

  • Martin Headshot 90x90 For: Carmel Martin
    Exec. VP, Center for American Progress & Fmr. Assistant Secretary of Education
  • Petrilli-90 For: Michael Petrilli
    President, Fordham Institute & Co-Editor, Knowledge at the Core
  • Burris Headshot 90x90 Against: Carol Burris
    Principal, South Side High School & Blogger, Washington Post’s “Answersheet”
  • Hess Headshot 90x90 Against: Frederick Hess
    Resident Scholar and Director of Educational Policy Studies, AEI

  • Moderator Image

    John Donvan

    Author & Correspondent for ABC News

Intelligence Squared Common Core Debate transcript

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