Saturday, November 22, 2014

ALEC: John Oliver explains it all for you

November 22, 2014  ::  Diane Ravitch writes in her blog:  “ John Oliver has some of the smartest political commentary on television. In this Youtube video, he explains ALEC, (The American Legislative Exchange Council) the corporate-funded organization that writes model legislation for states to benefit corporations and defund the public sector. One of every four state legislators, Oliver says, belongs to this secretive group that promotes privatization. ALEC supports charters and vouchers and test-based teacher evaluation. It opposes teacher tenure and unions. For some inexplicable reason, ALEC is tax-exempt.”

4LAKids is hiding behind Dr. Ravitch here because Mr, Oliver uses a naughty word that the LAUSD e-mail censors would block if they could hind it embedded in the video.

“The email you attempted to send to a member of the LAUSD community has been
rejected because it contains a word that has been associated with adult-oriented

Mr. Oliver is a Brit and they spell the word differently over there – maybe the NetNanny anti-Spam firewall wouldn’t detect it?

Let’s just say the video is NSFS [Not Safe for School) – and 4LAKids does not condone broadcasting it on the AllCall ConnectEd phone broadcast link home or the school PA system.

Especially at Palisades Charter High School where  the cranky neighbors are listening. (Apparently they didn’t notice there was a high school next door when they purchased their homes.)


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