Wednesday, April 09, 2014

YESTERDAY’S LAUSD BOARD MEETING: The headlines say it all + smf’s 2¢

LAUSD outlines plan to spend $837 million on disadvantaged students

Los Angeles Times :: April 8, 2014, 8:35 p.m.. Disadvantaged students in L.A. Unified stand to benefit from a multimillion-dollar infusion for more tutoring, counselors, English language coaches, nurses, librarians and other support under a budget plan presented Tuesday ...

Los Angeles Unified's draft accountability plan shows promise of new funding law

EdSource Today ::  The potential of the state's new education funding system was on full display this week when Los Angeles Unified School Superintendent John Deasy presented a draft accountability plan that included a dizzying array of new and expanded programs.

Deasy releases draft of LAUSD's next budget, with new money

LA School Report : LA Unified Superintendent John Deasy made public today the first draft of a $6.8 billion budget for the 2014-15 school year, a presentation that offered the first glimpse of how the new Local Control Funding Formula is going to work.

LAUSD board receives Deasy's plan to help disadvantaged kids

2cents small I suppose the headline:

Superintendent Deasy shows how we would spend the New State Money (which is really the old money withheld over the past seven years being paid back over the next seven years) in a way that appears to be be in alignment with state law …but probably isn’t

                      …would’ve been too much to ask!

The supe’s  Budget and the Draft Local Control Accountability Plan are really Deasy’s wish list: “What I would like if I could get away with it” …not necessarily in alignment with:

  • the Board of Education’s wish list,
  • The Local Control Accountability Plan Parent Advisory Committee's wish list,
  • the community’s wish list
  • or the District’s labor partner’s wish list. 

There are zero dollars earmarked for employee raises. The plan is very tenuously aligned with state law and regulations – let alone the legislative intent. Half the money goes to Special Ed …even though Special Ed students are not among the target “unduplicated students” .

Undoubtedly there are Special Ed students among the Economically Disadvantaged, English Learners and Foster Kids …but they do not come close to making up half of that population!


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