Thursday, April 24, 2014


to 4LAKids by email from Esther & Gerald Schiller

Sent 10pm Thursday April 24, 2014

Hi Scott - For your information:

TO: Assignment Editor Media News Alert

Please consider covering a student celebration at Cortines School of  
Visual and Performing Arts tomorrow, April 25 from 8 am to 8:45 am.

Where: 450 N. Grand Ave. Los Angles, 90012 (Cesar Chavez Avenue
between Grand Ave. and HIll Street

What: Greg Schiller, the LAUSD science teacher who was removed from
his classroom at Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts for
teaching science has been "sprung" from Teacher Jail where he has been
"housed" since Feb. 26.

What: Mr. Schiller taught his students how to develop projects for a
Science Fair. Two of his students used the word "gun" in the titles of
their projects. Administrators, perhaps not experienced or perhaps not
knowledgeable about Science Fairs, believed the projects were
dangerous. Many in the scientific community were in disbelief that the
experiments that were built to convert one form of energy to another
could be mistaken for "imitation weapons."

Schiller also coached the school's fencing team. Team activities came
to a halt in his absence, because the administration decided they
would be too dangerous without their coach.

Schiller teaches six science classes including three Advanced
Placement classes in Biology and Psychology. He will have just one
week to prepare the students for the AP tests.

Students have rallied wearing tee shirts with a graphic of Schiller's
beard and mustache and the words REINSTATE SCHILLER. They are
justifiably proud about their successful efforts to return him to the
school. Social media also played a role in his return. There were over
12,000 signatures in his behalf on

Visual opportunities: Students celebrating with signs: "Welcome back
Schiller," "We are the champions," "One down - more to go", "We were
not silenced." Many of the students continue to be concerned about the
hundreds of other LAUSD teachers still held in teacher jail.

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