Thursday, July 11, 2013

The results of the UTLA members’ Performance Review are in and…. (drum roll please): FAILING GRADE FOR SUPERINTENDENT!


Supt. John Deasy receives less than stellar performance review

Deasy at Board Meeting

7/11 |  All the little birdies:

Howard BlumeHoward Blume@howardblume 3h

Teachers union to evaluate L.A. schools Supt. Deasy. Don't expect sterling grade:

Los Angeles Times

 Teachers union to unveil 'evaluation' of L.A. schools Supt. Deasy

Continuing its aggressive rhetoric, the Los Angeles teachers union announced plans Thursday to release a performance evaluation of L.A. schools Supt. John Deasy.

Barbara JonesBarbara Jones@LADNschools 46m

.@UTLAnow set to release "performance evaluation" of @DrDeasyLAUSD, rating him on leadership, decision-making, etc., as head of #LAUSD.

UTLA@UTLAnow 43m

Getting ready for news conf to release results from @DrDeasyLAUSD performance evaluation #LAUSD #UTLA

  • Barbara Jones@LADNschools 41m

    .@UTLAnow survey: 8463 of 32918 members responded. @DrDeasyLAUSD gets rating of poor from 66%, below avg from 19%. 10% rate him avg-better.

  • Barbara Jones@LADNschools 42m

    On a scale of 1-5, @DrDeasyLAUSD gets a score of 1.36 from @UTLAnow.

  • UTLA@UTLAnow 34m

    Prez. Fletcher & UTLA officers, teachers & press. @DrDeasyLAUSD receives low perf review. Asks Board to review data.

  • Adolfo Guzman-Lopez@AGuzmanLopez 21m

  • Payback. #LAUSD #teachers evaluate superintendent. 85% give Supt. Deasy below average/poor evaluation.

    Failing Grade for Superintendent | United Teachers Los Angeles |

    Just relased (sic) are the results of a UTLA member-wide performance review of LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy.

    LAUSD teachers and health and human services professionals evaluated the Superintendent in a 25 question survey and on every question, the vast majority of survey takers found John Deasy’s performance either “below average” or “poor.”

    UTLA President Warren Fletcher said, “We believe the people directly impacted by the Superintendent’s decisions and management style are in the best position to evaluate his work. That’s why UTLA asked teachers and health and human services professionals to complete the survey.” UTLA will share the results with LAUSD’s Board of Education.

    The lowest score was for morale and spending money wisely. When asked if the Superintendent positively influenced the morale of the staff, 86% graded him below average or poor, and 85% of the respondents found the Superintendent below average or poor when asked if he spent District money wisely.

    The survey asked if the Superintendent ensured that schools have adequate classified staffing (e.g., clerical and custodial) and  85% found the Superintendent below average or poor on this question.

    In April, UTLA asked members if they had confidence in the Superintendent’s leadership — 91% of the 16,000 respondents said, “No.” That finding, combined with today’s results, raises questions about John Deasy’s effectiveness as Superintendent.   

    Nearly 8500 members of UTLA evaluated the Superintendent’s performance. Answers were on a scale from one to five, with five being the highest.

    2013 UTLA Superintendent Survey Results

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