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LAUSD BOARD TAPS RICHARD VLADOVIC AS NEW PRESIDENT + All the little birdies: tweet, tweet, tweet!

LAUSD board taps Richard Vladovic as new president

By Barbara Jones, Staff Writer, LA Daily News | http://bit.ly/12kjvSH

Richard Vladovic (Daily News file photo)



7/02/2013  - 03:31:17 PM PDT  ::  Signaling a shift in focus, the Los Angeles Unified school board today elected teachers union ally Richard Vladovic as its president, ending the six-year tenure of reformer Monica Garcia.

Monica Ratliff, newly sworn in to her seat representing the East San Fernando Valley, joined the 5-2 majority supporting Vladovic, 68, who has represented the South Bay for six years. Garcia had nominated West Valley board member Tamar Galatzan for president, and those two cast the dissenting votes.

The vote on Vladovic came first because he'd been nominated first.

After Ratliff requested an impromptu speech to help her make a decision, Vladovic said he was "pleased but not totally happy" with the progress made in improving student achievement and that more needed to be done to ensure their success.

"Public education is the key to the future," he said. "I'll never give up on this district, our children and our employees."

Vladovic had challenged Garcia for the presidency last year, and was widely considered a strong contender this year. Garcia was precluded from serving again after the March election brought a shift in power to the board, and a newly emerged majority imposed term limits on the post.

The president has the same voting authority as the six other members, but runs the meetings, sets the agenda and is generally considered a spokesperson for the board.


ALL THE LITTLE BIRDIES: tweet, tweet, tweet!

Twitter Feeds from the Boardroom

2cents smf: I recall a story of The bride who showed up at the wedding in curlers because she wanted to look good for the reception.  Or the parent who watches their little darling’s graduation through a viewfinder.  I was watching the twitter feeds from the boardroom while in the boardroom. Then I put my phone away and lived in the moment.

…and to answer Barbara Jones questions about etiquette:

  1. Not standing and continuing to tweet for a standing O after a student performance – especially one as good as the HHS Chorus delivered -  is bad form,
  2. Not standing and still tweeting during The Pledge would draw fire in most red states.
  3. Not standing and singing along when the piper play plays Scotland the Brave is Sassenach sacrilege. But then, Jones is a Welsh name, isn’t it?.
From The Daily News:

Barbara Jones@LADNschools

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From LA School Report
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From The LA Times

Howard Blume@howardblume

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· clip_image001 Barbara Jones@LADNschools 3h

Vladovic moves to center seat, says he's going to have Zimmer as chair of Committee of the Whole.

· clip_image001[1]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 3h

Vladovic elected president by 5-2 vote. Galatzan and Garcia dissent.

· clip_image001[2]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 4h

Vladvovic would pick Zimmer. Galatzan says she'd ask Ratliff.

· clip_image001[3]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 4h

Ratliff makes another motion: Each candidate has to say who would be vice president and why.

· clip_image001[4]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 4h

Galatzan: Shift more policies decisions to committees rather leaving everything to be dealt with in marathon meetings.

· clip_image001[5]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 4h

Galatzan: I have ideas on how both sides of an issue should be heard.

· clip_image001[6]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 4h

Galatzan: What needs to be tackled first is how these board meetings work.

· clip_image001[7]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 4h

Vladovic: Keep parents informed. Also advocates for preschool and adult school. See a true Pre-K through adult continuum.

· clip_image001[8]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 4h

Vladovic: Set up system to ensure that all kids can achieve.

· clip_image001[9]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 4h

Monica Ratliff makes her first motion, asking each candidate for president to make a statement.

· clip_image001[10]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 4h

Marguerite LaMotte interrupts @DrDeasyLAUSD to nominate Richard Vladovic. Monica Garcia nominates Tamar Galatzan.

· clip_image001[11]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 4h

All #LAUSD members back on the dais. They're going to vote for successor to board President Monica Garcia.

· clip_image001[12]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 4h

Board takes a 15-minute recess, will be back to elect president.

· clip_image001[13]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 4h

Ratliff touts need for adult ed, preschool, arts education.

· clip_image001[14]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 4h

Ratliff: I don't believe that just because it's never been done, it can't be done.

· clip_image001[15]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 4h

Monica and Yolanda both get a standing ovation.

· clip_image001[16]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 5h

Yolanda breaks down in tears of joy -- a lovely moment.

· clip_image001[17]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 5h

Monica Ratliff being sworn in by her mother, Yolanda, a teacher in Arizona. Oath of office being given in both English and Spanish.

· clip_image001[18]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 5h

Verdugo Hills High students just do a great "commercial" for their school.

· clip_image002Adolfo Guzman-Lopez@AGuzmanLopez 5h

Zimmer laying out in speech hopes and dreams for #LAUSD students, teachers, administrators, "Sí se puede, John Deasy." "Yes you can."

Retweeted by Barbara Jones

· clip_image001[19]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 5h

Zimmer just wrapped up 20-minute stump speech. Verdugo Hills High kids performing, accompanied by bagpipes.

· clip_image001[20]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 5h

Steve Zimmer took swipe at emphasis on use of test scores. "We should never be data driven, we should be data informed and student driven."

· clip_image001[21]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 5h

Steve Zimmer asks people to stand in moment of celebration for Nelson Mandela. Also lauds Supreme Court ruling on Prop. 8.

· clip_image001[22]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 5h

Steve Zimmer now being sworn in during tag-team ceremony. Each participants gets one sentence.

· clip_image001[23]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 5h

Kids get a standing O from the audience. (Another etiquette question. To stand or tweet.)

· clip_image001[24]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 5h

Hollywood High kids have great pipes, performing "Paciencia y Fe" from the musical "In the Heights."

· clip_image001[25]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 5h

Singing troupe from Hollywood High in Steve Zimmer's district performing. Zimmer will be sworn in by students, parents from local schools.

· clip_image002[1]Adolfo Guzman-Lopez@AGuzmanLopez 5h

Monica Garcia praises new member Monica Ratliff as 7th #Latina to serve on #LAUSD board

Retweeted by Barbara Jones

· clip_image001[26]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 5h

"I will be the vote that continues to press on for change," Monica Garcia says in her last speech as board president.

· clip_image001[27]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 5h

Monica Garcia's mom, Guillermina, swearing in her daughter to District 2 seat.

· clip_image001[28]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 5h

String trio from El Sereno Middle School performing "Bach Country Fiddles." Monica Garcia about to be sworn in for another term..

· clip_image001[29]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 5h

Question of Twitter etiquette. Do you stand or continue tweeting during Pledge of Allegiance?

· clip_image001[30]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 5h

Monica Ratliff gets applause when she answers "here" during first roll call of #LAUSD board.

· clip_image003LA School Report@LASchoolReport 6h

At least two Garcetti staffers milling about. Board room packed. #LAUSD

Retweeted by Barbara Jones

· clip_image001[31]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 6h

Surprising number of folks here for #LAUSD meeting. Lots of chatter, good energy. New board member Monica Ratliff working the room.

· clip_image001[32]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 6h

Retired Valley school board member Julie Korenstein in the audience.

· clip_image001[33]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 6h

At #LAUSD meeting, where Moncia Ratliff will be sworn in, board will elect new president.

· clip_image001[70]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 1h

Vladovic Defeats Galatzan for Board President http://wp.me/p2fzpD-2D8

· clip_image001[71]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 2h

@gofiliberto he's the parliamentarian, essentially -- making sure they follow proper procedures

· clip_image002[6]David Zahniser@DavidZahniser 2h

Another sign the Villaraigosa era is over: Monica Garcia no longer school board president

Retweeted by LA School Report

· clip_image001[72]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 2h

Mapped: Suspension Rates Vary Widely Across LAUSD http://wp.me/p2fzpD-2CU

· clip_image001[73]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 2h

Vladovic, LaMotte, and Ratliffs pic.twitter.com/s9685L5I4x

· clip_image001[74]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 2h

Board still meeting, still as testy as ever. Only thing that's changed: Vladovic is calling Jefferson Crain "jeff." #LAUSD

· clip_image003SEIU Local 99@SEIULocal99 3h

Congratulations Dr. Vladovic on election as #LAUSD Board President. http://bit.ly/162ZmBy

Retweeted by LA School Report

· clip_image001[75]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 3h

Breaking: Board Elects Vladovic Next School Board President http://wp.me/p2fzpD-2D2

· clip_image001[76]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

Dr. V takes the wheel for the first time. pic.twitter.com/aH6tzImdC9

· clip_image001[77]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

Vladovic presents Garcia with a gavel.

· clip_image004Adolfo Guzman-Lopez@AGuzmanLopez 4h

Vladovic elected board president, Kayser, LaMotte, Ratliff, Vladovic vote yes.

Retweeted by LA School Report

· clip_image005Barbara Jones@LADNschools 4h

Vladovic elected president by 5-2 vote. Galatzan and Garcia dissent.

Retweeted by LA School Report

· clip_image001[78]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

Audience member shouts: congratulations dr. V!

· clip_image001[79]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

Dr. Richard Vladovic is the new president.

· clip_image001[80]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

Or was it five?

· clip_image001[81]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

Vladovic gets... Four votes

· clip_image001[82]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

Deasy: any other motions?

· clip_image001[83]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

Galatzan: I was going to ask ms ratliff

· clip_image001[84]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

Vlad: he would be active chair of committee of@whole.

· clip_image001[85]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

Vladovic: I was going to appoint Steve Zimmer.

· clip_image001[86]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

RT @LASchoolReport: So it's between galatzan and Vladovic. #lausd

· clip_image001[87]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

Ratliff now offers motion that each candidate say who their Vice President would be.

· clip_image001[88]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

Galatzan speaking directly to Zimmer and Ratliff. She knows the calculus.

· clip_image004[1]Adolfo Guzman-Lopez@AGuzmanLopez 4h

To underline the obvious, #LAUSD board member Zimmer not nominated for board president, there was lots of talk he was in the running

Retweeted by LA School Report

· clip_image001[89]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

Sure seems like Ratliff will base her vote on these two speeches. #LAUSD

· clip_image001[90]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

If galatzan wins, it will most likely be because of Garcetti's influence. #LAUSD

· clip_image001[91]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

Galatzan: "I was a big supporter of our new mayor Eric garcetti. Having that strong relationship is going to be vitally important." #LAUSD

· clip_image001[92]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

Galatzan says public comment system isn't working.

· clip_image001[93]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

Vladovic's speech highlighted policy. Galatzan is starting out with process.

· clip_image001[94]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

Galatzan: new board president has to tackle how these board meetings work.

· clip_image001[95]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

So the two swing votes here are Zimmer and Ratliff. Tamar needs both to win.

· clip_image001[96]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

Vladovic: "I want to work very hard on te image of this district."

· clip_image001[97]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

Vladovic wants to being back adult Ed. Audience claps. #LAUSD

· clip_image007Sandy Mendoza@TweedyPieLA 4h

Ratliff shows her stuff, asking nominees for board prez Vladovic and Galatzan to say what they will do with that job. @LASchoolReport

Retweeted by LA School Report

· clip_image001[98]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

Vladovic: "I am pleased with our success rate but I'm not happy."

· clip_image001[99]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

So it's between galatzan and Vladovic.

· clip_image001[100]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

Ratliff moves that each candidate says what they'll do as president

· clip_image001[101]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

Wow. No one nominates Zimmer.

· clip_image001[102]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

Ok I guess I was wrong about procedure. My bad.

· clip_image001[103]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

Garcia nominates Tamar galatzan

· clip_image001[104]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

LaMotte tries to nominate Vladovic... And she does

· clip_image001[105]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

Deasy acknowledges former board members in audience- Julie korenstein, david Tokofsky, Jackie Goldberg... And former supe bill Johnson

· clip_image001[106]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

Enter Garcia. #LAUSD here we go

· clip_image001[107]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

I have a source saying Tamar will nominate Zimmer. If true, Deasy could call on her first, and Zimmer could get four votes then and there.

· clip_image001[108]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

Garcia holding up the show here... Where is she? #LAUSD

· clip_image001[109]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

Remember, the board will vote for whoever is nominated first. And Deasy picks the nominater. #LAUSD

· clip_image001[110]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 4h

Board members filing back into the board room. #LAUSD

· clip_image001[111]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 5h

Board now breaking for a brief reception.

· clip_image001[112]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 5h

Ratliff: The public wants more arts education, vocational, adult education

· clip_image001[113]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 5h

Ratliff: "I think it's really interesting how often people tell you things can't be done."

· clip_image001[114]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 5h

Standing o

· clip_image001[115]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 5h

Ratliff's mom now in tears. Very moving stuff, actually.

· clip_image001[116]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 5h

... In Spanish

· clip_image001[117]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 5h

Ratliff now getting sworn in by her mother

· clip_image009Michael Trujillo@mikehtrujillo 5h

@LASchoolReport I prefer the "Eastside High" theme song.

Retweeted by LA School Report

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· clip_image001[118]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 5h

Easily the best song of the day. #lausd #verdugohills

· clip_image001[119]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 5h

Vertigo hills high school now singing a song about their own school.

· clip_image001[120]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 5h

Bagpipe just played for 20 seconds

· clip_image001[121]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 5h

Speech ends after 20 minutes. A speech aimed at Ratliff? #LAUSD

· clip_image001[122]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 5h

Zimmer: "We are not only accountable to data, we are accountable to the American dream." #LAUSD

· clip_image010Angel ZobelRodriguez@MagnetAngel 5h

Public comment is 3 minutes. Wonder if inauguration speeches should be limited as well. Is this a filibuster speech? #LAUSD @lausd_zimmer

Retweeted by LA School Report

· clip_image001[123]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 5h

Doesn't even seem like the board members know. #LAUSD

· clip_image001[124]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 5h

Just as an aside: there is a very real sense of uncertainty about who the next president is going to be #LAUSD

· clip_image001[125]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 5h

Zimmer just quoted Natalie merchant. #LAUSD

· clip_image001[126]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 5h

"We should never be data driven, we should be data informed... We should avoid the seduction of easy answers." - Zimmer #LAUSD

· clip_image001[127]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 5h

Says corporate greed now trying to take over education. That's not very moderate. #LAUSD

· clip_image001[128]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 5h

Zimmer flips to page two of his notes. Now speaking out against corporate greed. #LAUSD

· clip_image001[129]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 5h

Zimmer, still looking for the middle: "We must take this road together if it is truly going to be about students." #LAUSD

· clip_image004[2]Adolfo Guzman-Lopez@AGuzmanLopez 5h

Zimmer mentions Mandela, warns of "educational apartheid" in #LAUSD. "Every student has the right to access the full A-G curriculum."

Retweeted by LA School Report

· clip_image001[130]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 5h

Someone in the room has a bagpipe. #LAUSD

· clip_image001[131]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 5h

Just got text: "If Zimmer loses this vote. It's because he is reminding board members of how long the mtgs will go under his leadership"

· clip_image001[132]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 5h

This has the feel of a very long speech... #LAUSD

· clip_image001[133]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 5h

Zimmer: "we almost lost all of this..." #LAUSD

· clip_image001[134]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 5h

Of course, UTLA spent around a million for Zimmer...

· clip_image001[135]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 5h

"For every million dollars they spend against you, that's 30 minutes you get to speak for..." #LAUSD

· clip_image001[136]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 5h

Zimmer: "sit down, get comfortable..."

· clip_image011UTLA@UTLAnow 5h

Zimmer has been sworn in pic.twitter.com/i9aItlT9LT

Retweeted by LA School Report

· clip_image001[137]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 5h

Zimmer asking audience to stand... For Nelson Mandela... #LAUSD

· clip_image001[138]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 5h

@LADNschools tweeting > standing

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· clip_image001[139]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 5h

Steve Zimmer now getting sworn in by a number of LAUSD employees.

· clip_image004[3]Adolfo Guzman-Lopez@AGuzmanLopez 5h

#Hollywood HS students performing "Paciencia y Fe" from musical In The Heights for re-elected board member Steve Zimmer

Retweeted by LA School Report

· clip_image012Howard Blume@howardblume 5h

Outgoing school board prez Monica Garcia singles out just-departed Mayor Villaraigosa in speech after being sworn in for new board term.

Retweeted by LA School Report

· clip_image001[140]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 5h

This song appears to be about New York in 1943. So, you know, pretty relevant. #LAUSD

· clip_image005[1]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 5h

Singing troupe from Hollywood High in Steve Zimmer's district performing. Zimmer will be sworn in by students, parents from local schools.

Retweeted by LA School Report

· clip_image001[141]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 5h

I'm outsourcing all tweets about musical performances to @LADNschools #LAUSD

· clip_image005[2]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 5h

"I will be the vote that continues to press on for change," Monica Garcia says in her last speech as board president.

Retweeted by LA School Report

· clip_image001[142]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 5h

Garcia, speaking without notes: "Elections are over. The work is in front of us."

· clip_image001[143]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 6h

Garcia salutes Ratliff as "the 7th Latina to serve on the board in a hundred years." #LAUSD

· clip_image001[144]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 6h

Garcetti staffer heather reppening sitting next to YPI head Dixon Slingerland.

· clip_image001[145]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 6h

Board members must swear allegiance to the US constitution. Seems a bit extreme. #LAUSD

· clip_image001[146]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 6h

Monica Garcia now getting sworn in by her mother. #LAUSD

· clip_image001[147]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 6h

El sereno middle school string trio now playing a little Bach. #LAUSD

· clip_image005[3]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 6h

Question of Twitter etiquette. Do you stand or continue tweeting during Pledge of Allegiance?

Retweeted by LA School Report

· clip_image001[148]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 6h

Monica Garcia sitting between LaMotte and Galatzan. Ratliff sitting between Kayser and Vladovic. #LAUSD

· clip_image001[149]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 6h

Audience applauds as Ratliff says "here" for first time during roll call.

· clip_image001[150]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 6h

Meeting starting. John Deasy acting board president. #LAUSD

· clip_image001[151]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 6h

At least two Garcetti staffers milling about. Board room packed. #LAUSD

· clip_image001[152]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 6h

.@howardblume and I both have haircuts, just FYI. #LAUSD

· clip_image001[153]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 6h

Monica Ratliff is in the building #LAUSD pic.twitter.com/9GahgTFNxp


· clip_image001[154]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 6h

And so the question is where will Ratliff plant her flag? With Vladovic, who has tacit UTLA backing, or Zimmer... #LAUSD

· clip_image005[4]Barbara Jones@LADNschools 6h

Retired Valley school board member Julie Korenstein in the audience.

Retweeted by LA School Report

· clip_image001[155]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 6h

While UTLA- aligned Kayser and LaMotte would vote for Vladovic. #LAUSD

· clip_image001[156]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 6h

Live: School Board Picks a President http://wp.me/p2fzpD-2Cx

· clip_image001[157]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 6h

This scenario would have galatzan and Garcia swallowing their pride and voting for Zimmer...

· clip_image001[158]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 6h

And the rumors are flying this morning! The latest has the board deadlocked 3-3, with newly elected Monica Ratliff the swing vote #LAUSD

· clip_image001[159]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 6h

Morning Read: School Board To Choose New President http://wp.me/p2fzpD-2Cy

  1. ·

clip_image001[160]LA School Report@LASchoolReport 6h

Oh man oh man, we're here at #LAUSD hq on Beaudry for the first 2013-14 board meeting, where they'll choose the next board president

· clip_image001Howard Blume@howardblume 4h

Richard Vladovic selected as new L.A. school board president.

· clip_image001[1]Howard Blume@howardblume 5h

Ratliff: "Anytime you have people who are desperate for education how can you turn them away? How can you say: We are closed to you?”

· clip_image001[2]Howard Blume@howardblume 5h

Ratliff: "Actually that's not true." Says district must intensify focus on arts ed, adult ed, early childhood ed"--all have suffered cuts.

· clip_image001[3]Howard Blume@howardblume 5h

Ratliff: "It’s really interesting how often people tell you things can’t be done…It’s never been done before so it can’t be done now."

· clip_image001[4]Howard Blume@howardblume 5h

In her speech, Monica Ratliff (sworn in by mother in Span and Eng) links her upset win in school board race to challenges facing education.

· clip_image001[5]Howard Blume@howardblume 5h

Zimmer: "We should never be data driven. We should be data informed and student driven...We should avoid the seduction of easy answers."

· clip_image001[6]Howard Blume@howardblume 5h

Zimmer: "It will never be true that the same forces that caused the crisis and the pain can possibly be the solution.”

· clip_image001[7]Howard Blume@howardblume 5h

Zimmer: "Now the very same forces...believe that they somehow have the asnwers for what ails public education.”

· clip_image001[8]Howard Blume@howardblume 5h

Zimmer: "The economic crisis...real, direct, intentional" caused by "corporate greed and selfishness...Children got hurt; people got rich.”

· clip_image001[9]Howard Blume@howardblume 5h

In school board acceptance, Zimmer jokes that he gets 30 mins to speak for every million spent to defeat him. Calls out NYC Mayor Bloomberg.

· clip_image001[10]Howard Blume@howardblume 6h

Monica Garcia on Villaraigosa: "He fought for children just like him. He fought for children that other people made excuses about.”

· clip_image001[11]Howard Blume@howardblume 6h

Outgoing school board prez Monica Garcia singles out just-departed Mayor Villaraigosa in speech after being sworn in for new board term.

· clip_image001[12]Howard Blume@howardblume 8h

Big day for L.A. Unified political wonks. What does board president's choice mean? http://ow.ly/mAysZ

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