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Another issue has been when air conditioning breaks down, and too many students are in each classroom.

By Angie Crouch and Heather Navarro | KNBC News | http://bit.ly/1GnJ8vt

Parents, teachers and students at Hamilton High said Monday that they may be forced to file a complaint against LAUSD after class size hinders learning. Angie Crouch reports for the NBC4 News at 5.

Published Monday, Oct. 19, 2015  ::  Parents, teachers and students fed up with class sizes in the Los Angeles Unified School District said Monday that despite improvements, there are just too many students in each class.

Class sizes at Hamilton High School in Palms have been so large that parents said they may file a grievance against the district if there’s no change.

"If we don’t get the quality education we are being set up to fail," said Karen Calderon, Hamilton High student.

There are about 3,000 students attending Hamilton High School.

Teachers said in the latest contract, LAUSD agreed to lower class size, and did to some extent.

Last year, 110 classes had more than 40 students.

In 2015, there are 66 overcrowded classrooms, but parents said more must be done.

"It is an outrageous disregard for LAUSD teachers that more teachers haven’t been hired to get the class size to 35 to one [teacher] for high school, 30 to one for middle school and 25 to one for elementary," Katherine Williamson, parent, said.

Student Lilah Lebowski said she’s seen behavioral problems as a result of overcrowded classrooms, mostly because the teacher can’t focus his or her attention on so many students.

"Teachers can’t have a personal relationship with you," Lebowski said. "They barely know your name. They have so many students. It’s frustrating to ask questions and not get them fully answered because they need to continue on."

Another issue has been when air conditioning breaks down, and too many students per classroom becomes a health hazard, according to an English teacher at Hamilton High.

"The humidity rises to 90 degrees and I've been diagnosed with heat exhaustion on three separate occasions as a result," Nick Johnson, English teacher, said.



2cents_thumb : so file a complaint!

Here’s the info from  Los Angeles Unified School District http://bit.ly/1jRDk32

Uniform Complaint Procedures (UCP) Complaints

For more information contact:  Educational Equity Compliance Office

Phone:                     (213) 241-7682

Fax:                         (213) 241-3312

Mailing Address:       Los Angeles Unified School District
                               Educational Equity Compliance Office - 20th Floor
                               333 South Beaudry Avenue
                               Los Angeles, CA 90017

 UCP Overview

The Los Angeles Unified School District has the primary responsibility to ensure compliance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations, and shall investigate complaints alleging failure to comply with those laws and regulations alleging discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and/or bullying and unauthorized charging of pupil fees for educational activities. The District shall seek to resolve those complaints in accordance with the procedures set out in Sections 4600-4687 of the Title 5 Regulations and the policies and procedures of the District.

The Uniform Complaint Procedure (UCP) may be used to report noncompliance of applicable state and federal laws and regulations; file complaints alleging discrimination, harassment, intimidation, bullying; or, unauthorized charging of pupil fees for educational activities; and/or to appeal District decisions regarding such complaints. UCP brochures are available at all school sites in the primary languages of that school community. Complainants are encouraged, where possible, to try to resolve their complaints directly at the school or work site or with their Educational Service Center (ESC).

A written notice regarding UCP must be disseminated annually to staff, students, parents/guardians, appropriate private school officials or representatives, District advisory committees, school advisory committees, and other interested school parties. Distribution may be in any form (brochure, newsletter, memorandum, staff/parent/student handbook, etc.) that will reach the school community.

A copy of this UCP policy bulletin shall be available free of charge.

How to Submit a Complaint

Any individual, public agency, or organization may file a written complaint alleging a matter which, if true, would constitute a violation by the District of federal or state laws or regulations governing the programs and activities as well as allegations of unlawful discrimination identified above. UCP complaints are to be submitted in writing to:

Julie Hall-Panameño, Director

Los Angeles Unified School District

Educational Equity Compliance Office - 20th Floor

333 South Beaudry Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90017

For more information, please contact Stephen Jimenez, UCP Coordinator at (213) 241-7682.

Any person with a disability or who is unable to prepare a written complaint can receive assistance from the site-administrator/designee or by calling the Educational Equity Compliance Office at (213) 241-7682.

The District assures confidentiality to the maximum extent possible. The District prohibits retaliation against anyone who files a complaint or anyone who participates in the complaint investigation process. Complainants are advised that civil law remedies may also be available to them.

The sixty (60) day timeline for the investigation and District response shall begin when the written complaint is received by the Educational Equity Compliance Office.

Related District Policy & Publications

Uniform Complaint Procedures (UCP) BUL-5159.3 dated 05-15-14

UCP Complaint Form - English - dated 05-15-14  (follows)

image image

●●smf notes: The Educational Service Center Info on pp.1 of the above form is out of date, but this is the currently available online form.  I do not recommend waiting for the District to get the form right!

UCP Complaint Form - Spanish - dated 05-15-14

UCP Brochure - English - dated 05-15-14

UCP Brochure - Spanish - dated 05-15-14

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