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May 12, 2013  ::  Here we go again. Another local school board race where the a billionaire a boys Club and Michelle Rhee create a massive war chest to beat an underfunded candidate.

Monica Ratliff is a fifth-grade teacher. Please help her.

Monica Ratliff for Board of Education 2013





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Monica Ratliff writes Diane Ravitch:

Dear Friends, Family and Supporters,

Thank you all for your amazing support of my desire and belief that we can make a difference. Your donations have all been instrumental in our movement to send a message to billionaires from LA to NYC and all the way to Australia. Yes, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch along will Walmart king pins have all donated to an independent expenditure campaign supporting our opponent to try and buy a seat on the Los Angeles School Board. Why? Why do they want to invest over 1.7 million dollars? When that much money is spent, how can one not wonder “why”?

Let’s not wait and find out the “why”. All your generous donations have been so appreciated. They have helped us reach absentee voters and early voters. There is one last mailer we need to get out by this coming Wednesday, to election day voters!! We believe it is a special mailer that will resonate with our election day voters. When you join our ARM CHAIR FUNDRAISER no matter what amount you donate, we will send you this mailer as well. So that you can see, first hand, where your dollars are being spent.

With 9 DAYS left til May 21st, election day, please come to our ARM CHAIR FUNDRAISER Any donation of any amount will help us reach election day voters.

So stroll across your living room until you reach your ARM CHAIR, have a seat, take out your check book and send a check to MONICA RATLIFF for BOE General Election – 10420 Parr Ave. #5 Sunland, CA 91040 or grab your laptop or tablet and go to and hit the DONATE BUTTON credit cards are accepted here. The money you save on gas alone by not driving to a fundraiser is worth a $25.00 donation.

Help us let the voters decide this election –not outside interests. Help send a message that PUBLIC SCHOOLS ARE NOT FOR SALE!

Monica Ratliff Fifth Grade Teacher, Endorsed by: The Los Angeles Times (twice), The Daily News (twice), present and past board members, Democrats and Republicans, Principals, Parents and 30,000 classroom teachers, and most important YOU – with YOU, our friends, family and supporters, we can make a difference.

Help us bring down Goliath. We cannot do it without you.


Monica Ratliff for Board of Education 2013 · United States

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