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The Valentines Day Massacre: STOP THE INSANITY RALLY - February 14, 2012

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StopTell LAUSD: Stop the Insanity!

Break the cycle! 2009 - 2010 - 2011 - 2012?

On February 14 after school, join UTLA, teachers, students and the community to fight against layoffs and the devastating cuts to vital school programs.

WHEN: February 14, After School
WHERE: LAUSD Headquarters (333 South Beaudry Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90017 (map [1])
EVENT FLYER: Download flyer for posting [2]
PARENT FLYERS: In English [3] | In Spanish [4]
SHARE: Spread the word! [5] [7]

Tell LAUSD to go back to the drawing board and create a realistic, humane budget... a budget that does not unnecessarily lay off more than one-tenth of our staff and does not threaten vital programs like adult ed, early childhood education, arts education, school readiness, and more.


Demand that the School Board know stop these layoffs and cuts!

Email: To send an email to all members and the superintendent at once, just copy the list of emails below and paste into your email.;;;;;;;
Phone and Fax: List of numbers [8]


Athena Parking: (Upper and lower lots)
1230 W 3rd St (map [9]) Enter on 4th St

View for large map

The BLUE triange is the rally location at LAUSD headquarters.
The RED blocks are nearby parking locations.

Roybal Learning Center
1200 W. Colton St

Miguel Contreras Learning Center
322 South Lucas Ave


- MTA Trip Planner [11]
- MTA Bus and Rail System Maps [12]
- MTA Schedules/Timetables [13]
- MTA Fares [14]


smf: I’m not going to go all Romney-esque  and say I don’t care about teachers  - of course I do care about teacher; it’s just that I care about the education of children more.   My argument isn’t about teacher’s jobs – but I have yet to see any way to improve children’s education by eliminating teachers.

Yes, ®eform Inc. claims that online and virtual learning are the answer – Mayor Tony is embracing it at PLAS -  and of course charter schools with non-union teachers, and home schooling and vouchers and Teach for America (with teachers with 5 weeks o’ training) – are the answer.

Virtual Learning is the answer – if the question is

  • How can an Edupreneur make a lot o’ free government money in the Ed Biz? – or
  • What form of Education is drawing the most scrutiny from fraud investigators?

UTLA says the District proposes “to lay off more than one-tenth of our staff and …threaten(s) vital programs like adult ed, early childhood education, arts education, school readiness, and more.”

The word for getting rid of 10% of anything is “decimate”.  From the Latin.  In the Roman Legions – when a body of troops behaved p0orly in battle it was “decimated” - one out of every ten soldiers was executed as an example to the rest.

A lovely ancient metaphor made relevant for the 21st century.

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