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e-mail from the Board Secretariat to all Board members:

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From: Crain, Jefferson
Sent: Thursday, February 23, 2012 11:17 AM
To: District 7; District 2; District 1; District 5; District 6; District 3; District 4
Cc: Secretariat
Subject: Modified Redistricting Maps


I have attached 5 maps and associated data that I believe are related to maps I previously distributed. There seem to be some modifications to maps previously called Plan A, Plan B and MALDEF. I believe the MALDEF map is now called Plan C. I received no explanation as to the
differences. There are now two versions of Plan B, two versions of Plan C, and a version 2 of Plan A.

These were distributed to the Commissioners this morning and I believe will be discussed and the intent is to approve one at tonight's meeting in the Board Room.

Jeff Crain


Full_Data_Template_Plan_A_v2.pdf, Full_Data_Template_Plan_B_v1c.pdf, Full_Data_Template_Plan_B_v2.pdf, Full_Data_Template_Plan_C_v1.pdf, Full_Data_Template_Plan_C_v2.pdf, Plan_A_v2.pdf, Plan_B_v1.pdf, Plan_B_v2.pdf, Plan_C_v1.pdf, Plan_C_v2.pdf

2¢ smf: This whole process has been as highly politicized as it could possibly be …only more so.

Tonight the LAUSD Redistricting Commission will probably recommend one of these plans to the City Council. The public testimony has supported variants of Plan A – with minimal support for the MALDEF map coming from MALDEF staff and scripted speakers.

  • The City Council may or may not accept the LAUSD commission’s recommendation – they are far more preoccupied with their own City Council Redistricting – which is even more politicized.

  • The Mayor has veto authority over both the LAUSD and City Council maps – and I doubt if there are votes to override him.

  • In a quid pro quo deal the mayor will get his (MALDEF) LAUSD Map, the Council will get their Council District map.

  • The courts will get involved.

Cynically onward….

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