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image 2/10/2012  ::  The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) School Board will be meeting to discuss budget scenarios, including the proposed total elimination of its elementary school arts education program, on Tuesday, February 14th at 1:00 pm.  The LAUSD School Board will hold this public meeting at 333 South Beaudry Avenue, 24th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90017. Arts for LA staff will provide live updates throughout the meeting to those who cannot attend.

Arts for LA urges parents, students, and arts advocates to attend and provide a visible show of support for the arts education programs.  Due to heavy media coverage and major issues within LAUSD, it is expected that this meeting will draw large crowds.  Those wishing to attend are advised to arrive early and plan to stay for several hours.  The budget discussion is #18 on the agenda.

To view an information sheet with talking points, including information about the impact of the elimination of arts education and possible solutions, click this Link or scroll to the the bottom of the page.

This proposal would reverse a ten-year effort made by the District to restore arts education to its 700,000 students.  Released on February 9th, the agenda for this important meeting contains information about the proposal to eliminate arts education, adult education and early childhood education programs and is available for review through this Link.

Within the agenda or Order of Business, Item 18 will address three scenarios for the “adoption of a multi-phased budget balancing plan to address the projected deficit for the upcoming year. The plan includes budget reductions that fulfill the District’s fiduciary responsibility and restorations contingent upon voter approval of tax initiatives and secured shared commitments from the District’s collective bargaining units.”

It is expected that the Board of Education will propose a local Parcel Tax Initiative and display support for State Ballot Initiatives to restore LAUSD funding on the fall 2012 local and state ballots to provide new revenue of the school district.

The three budget-balancing scenarios outlined in the budget document released yesterday are based on 1.) LAUSD receiving $557 million in new revenue, 2.) LAUSD receiving around $194 million in new revenue, or 3.) LAUSD moving forward with drastic budget cuts without receiving new revenue.  Elimination of arts education (as well as elimination of early childhood education, adult education and other major cuts) are present in Scenario 3.  LAUSD has released the explanation of these scenarios in The Adoption of Budget Balancing Plan to Address 2012-13 Deficit

For those who cannot attend the meeting, Arts for LA suggests sending a letter to your school board member and sharing the alert with your networks.  Over 2,100 people have sent letters and faxes via Arts for LA's online system since Thursday, February 2nd.

To take action by contacting the Superintendent and School Board, please click here.

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