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Mark Slavkin's TED Talk Makes the Case for a Creativity Index

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<<California Alliance Board Chair,  L.A. Music Center's Vice President for Education, former LAUSD School Boardmember Mark Slavkin

January 18, 2012 - 2:00pm :: California Alliance Board Chair Mark Slavkin, was one of the featured speakers at TEDx Manhattan Beach on October 22, 2011. He described how the No Child Left Behind law has narrowed the curriculum and made it more difficult to provide quality arts education programs. He proposed the development of a new “creativity index” to hold schools accountable for more than just math and reading test scores.

The Alliance is working to broaden school assessments with the introduction of SB 789 (Price), the Creative and Innovation Education Index.  This index would provide a tangible way to measure and inspire opportunities for creativity and innovation in our public schools.

In a state where creativity and innovation have been so critical to our economic strength, the bill affirms that California remains a leader in forging a path to the future for its students. A similar “Creative Challenge Index” has been signed into law in Massachusetts and is under consideration in Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Rhode Island and Illinois. Read more about the Creativity Index.


School Assessments Should Go Beyond Standardized Tests

published by CAAEStaff on January 18, 2012 - 12:50pm

SB 789 (Price) Moves Forward!
This week SB 789 passed out of the Senate Appropriations Committee. We thank Senator Kehoe, Committee Chair for her leadership on this issue. We also thank the hundreds of advocates who sent messages urging support for this bill -- 578 to be exact! 

We see this bill as an opportunity to advance the conversation about how schools and students are evaluated.

Sponsored by the California Alliance for Arts Education and authored by Senator Curren Price, SB 789 would create an index to measure student opportunities for creativity and innovation in schools. If passed, it would provide a tangible way to measure and inspire learning opportunities that nurture creativity and innovation in our public schools.

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SB 789 (Price) Moves Forward! 

January 20, 2012 :: This week, with your help, we rallied support for a bill that aims to broaden the way schools and students are evaluated beyond standardized tests. SB 789 (Price) passed out of the Appropriations Committee and on to the Senate Floor where it will be voted on later this month. 

SB 789 calls for the establishment of a “Creative and Innovative Education Index” to measure the opportunities schools provide to nurture creativity and innovation in students. For the first time, it would give schools a real incentive to build creativity into all areas of the curriculum. 

It’s clear from research that the arts are not only linked to higher test scores and lower drop out rates, but that they also develop skills like problem solving and creativity that are highly sought in the business world, and they spurn the innovation that makes California thrive. 

At a time when our public education system is in crisis, we have an opportunity to reimagine the possibilities and build something better. Join us as we work to make a well-rounded education available to every K-12 student in our schools.

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California Alliance Policy Council Prioritizes Accountability and Funding
The California Alliance for Arts Education convened its Policy Council in Sacramento last week and came to consensus on a number of the tough issues facing public education in California. The group affirmed the Alliance’s existing strategic priorities and called for particular emphasis on the need for funding, accountability, broader assessments of schools’ success and collaboration around the Create the State public awareness campaign for arts education. Read more.

Governor Brown’s State of the State Urges Cuts, Reform and Referendum  
The Governor’s State of the State Address, presented earlier this week, though upbeat urged legislators to pass a billion dollars in cuts to health and welfare programs and called on voters to pass a temporary tax initiative this November that would prevent a $4 billion cut to public schools. The Governor is also arguing for reforms to funding and accountability of public schools. He has proposed eliminating earmarks for school programs and redefining the state's yardstick for education performance. He signaled that he wants to shift away from the standardized testing and narrowing of academic expectations. He cites arts, science and history as areas that have been overlooked.

New Research on the Role of Arts Education in California’s Creative Industry
A new research study asserts that even in the midst of educational and financial struggles, it is essential for California to invest in the arts in order to flourish within a culturally diverse, economically successful, and highly competitive global community. “Investing in Arts Education to Advance California’s Creative Industry,” a new study by Kurt Whitman analyzes the current role of arts education in the context of law and policy and includes a proposed course of action to more effectively fund and instruct the arts in California. Read the study


Americans for the Arts Launches Partnership Movement
Americans for the Arts has launched the pARTnership Movement, a new campaign designed to reach business leaders with the message that partnering with the arts will advance their bottom-line goals and build their competitive advantage. The campaign provides a toolkit of materials including advocacy projects, advertising and videos to help advocates build partnerships with business. Learn more. 


School Board 101 Webinar Next Month
In the coming months your local school board will be making important decisions about the 2012 budget. Find out how you can be a part of the conversation. In partnership with the California PTA, the Alliance is offering a one-hour webinar to help advocate effectively in your district. The webinar will offer a basic introduction to what a school board does, and how you can build relationships, communicate effectively and advocate to keep arts and music programs funded. This one-hour seminar is free and will feature a panel of speakers. Details next week! 

Support the Arts on your Tax Returns

Californians interested in increasing funding for the arts and arts education can contribute to the Arts Council Fund through their annual state tax return. Look for the check off box in the “voluntary contributions” section. Donations are tax-deductible and go to arts programs all over California. You can also support this effort by posting ads on Facebook or Twitter. Visit the website for campaign materials. 

Randy Nelson to Speak on “Learning and Working in the Collaborative Age”
Arts Orange County and its partners present Randy Nelson, Head of Artistic Development and Training at Dreamworks Animation. Randy will speak on “Learning and Working in the Collaborative Age”, what businesses and schools must do to prepare workers and students (and themselves) for new models in the workplace. Learn more.


Arts Education Partnerships (AEP) National Forum in April
AEP Spring 2012 National Forum: Are We There Yet? Arts Evidence and the Road to Student Success will be held April 12-13, 2012 in Washington, D.C. The Forum will explore the implications and impact of research on education policy and practice and identify future directions for research. AEP is accepting proposals for Small Group Sessions now through Wednesday, February 1, 2012. Register now to receive a discounted rate. Learn more.

Engaging Adolescents Institute in Los Angeles
The Engaging Adolescents Institute will illuminate how you can increase teen participation by revealing what teens want, what they need, how to engage them, and how to sustain their involvement in the arts. The training will be held on February 17 in Los Angeles. Learn more.


Call for Entries for VSA International Young Soloists
The VSA International Young Soloists Program identifies talented young musicians who have a disability. The annual award provides an opportunity for up to four emerging musicians to each earn a $5,000 award, professional development opportunities, and a performance at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Learn more.

Call for Entries for the Summer Music Institute
Every summer, students (ages 15-20) from all over the nation meet in Washington, D.C., to attend the National Symphony Orchestra's Summer Music Institute (SMI). The Institute offers four weeks of private lessons, rehearsals, coaching by National Symphony Orchestra members, classes, and lectures to prepare aspiring musicians for their futures in music. Learn more.

Surdna Foundation Arts Teachers Fellowship Program
The Surdna Foundation’s Arts Teachers Fellowship Program provides support to arts teachers working in specialized public arts high schools and arts-focused magnet and charter high schools. Grants of up to $5,500 support of artistic growth, with a complementary grant of $1,500 provided to each fellow's school for post-fellowship activities. Learn more.

National Arts and Humanities Youth Programs 
Arts programs run by schools, museums, and other nonprofits that mainly enroll underserved children are eligible to apply for this award. The top 12 programs will receive $10,000 and an invitation to accept their award from First Lady Michelle Obama. The deadline is January 31, 2012. Learn more.


Arts Education Consultant, Sundance Institute
The Sundance Institute is seeking an Arts Education consultant in Los Angeles for an afterschool film education program. Learn more.

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