Sunday, July 13, 2014


The American Federation of Teachers Convention continues at the L.A. Convention  through Monday. 

If you can’t go you can watch at

Here’s the schedule:

Sunday, July 13
8:30 AM | Nominating session

10 AM | General session 

2 PM | General session

Monday, July 14
9 AM | General session


on Saturday LA Times education reporter@Howard Blume tweeted:

[reads up from bottom]

 Howard Blume @howardblume ·  12h

In AFT panel, St. Paul union prez Ricker describes open negotiations involving many members & asking parents what they want.

 Howard Blume @howardblume ·  12h

In evening AFT panel, mayors Emanuel & former mayor Bloomberg booed lustily. no mention of L.A.'s current/former Garcetti/Villaraigosa

 Howard Blume @howardblume ·  12h

NYC's Milgrew tells AFT gathering that forces trying to kill unions: And "If u don’t believe that u should not be in the room”

 Howard Blume @howardblume ·  12h

Mulgrew says: "We have a lot of enemies who are very smart with a lot of money.”

 Howard Blume @howardblume ·  12h

NYC's teacher union head Michael Mulgrew intro'd as not needing mic. He didn't & it was good thing w tech problems.

 Howard Blume @howardblume ·  12h

Jerry Jordon, Philly teachers union prez says only line item growing in five-year district budget is funding for charter schools.

 Howard Blume @howardblume ·  12h

Zeph Capo, Houston teachers union VP: "Houston is no bastion of social movements. Houston is no bastion of justice.”

 Howard Blume @howardblume ·  12h

Karen Lewis, Chicago teachers union prez says:: "Key to social movement unionism is that it must come from the ground up. ”

 Howard Blume @howardblume ·  13h

Alex Caputo-Pearl, new UTLA prez says: Social justice unionism "is a union that is willing to strike…if that’s what we need to do.”

 Howard Blume @howardblume ·  13h

A panel on social justice unionism at AFT convention set aside large room & it is still over-packed at the moment, way crowded.

 Howard Blume @howardblume ·  15h

At L.A. national convention, Amer. Fed. of Teachers is poised to consider resolution calling on U.S. Ed Sec. Arne Duncan. to resign

2cents smf: That motion ultimately postponed until Sunday.




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