Monday, September 24, 2012

A YouTube Moment: THE FIRST YES ON PROP 38 TELEVISION COMMERCIAL …or go viral yourself!

from California State PTA

Why wait to see it in TV?  Embed it it on your smart phone; insert it between your YouTube cat videos!

…Or better yet, make your own!

Take part in the Yes on 38 video contest!

By taking time to make one short video, you can help speak up for an entire generation of students. Will you do it? Please grab that mobile device or camcorder and film someone you love talking about how much Prop 38 will help your local public school. Get all the details here or watch the video.

Yes on 38 is truly a grassroots campaign and our videos help tell our story. Be sure to enter your video in the Prop 38 contest and it could air on statewide TV during the campaign. Be sure to check out the sample videos for inspiration.

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