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R E M I N D E R : The Save the Arts Benefit Show and Art Auction @ The Cocoanut Grove, Sat. June 11


Save the Arts 

Benefit Show & Art Auction


Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools in the historic Cocoanut Grove Theatre

3400 Wilshire Blvd.  LA, CA 90010

Phone: 323 935-9744

Enter on 701 S. Catalina Street, LA CA 90010

Saturday, June 11th at 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Tickets: $25.00 - $50.00

Please purchase online at:

Art Auction

Auction Items

Performance in the historic Cocoanut Grove

Check out this link to get a sneak peak of some of our talented young students:

If you cannot attend the event, please consider making a donation and help Save the Arts for a child:

And go to the Friends of the Arts in LAUSD blog to find out more about how you can help:

Performance Highlights:

A special performance by Debbie Allen Dance Studios

A performance by Chester Whitmore

A musical performance by Michael Johns of "American Idol"

Fat City Reprise

A performance by the "So You Think You Can Dance" Dancers

Theatrical presentations by the students of Van Ness Elementary

Austin Martinez of the East L.A. Performing Arts Academy

Poetry by the students of Wilshire Crest

A theatrical performance by the students of Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools

A performance by members of the All-District Dance Ensemble

The Wilshire Park Elementary Chorus

Bonnie Lythgoe (speaker)

Reid Scott from the upcoming HBO comedy series "Veep" (speaker)

Tara Summers from the upcoming CBS drama "Ringer" (speaker)

Tracy Newman, one of the founders of The Groundlings

And more......


Sophia Allison

Olivia Armas

Kim Baylyff

Bobby Benton

Michael Blasi


Anja Concion

Joan Dooley

Lorien Eck

Paul W. Evans

Shepard Fairey

Bradley Greer

Dean Karr

Chris King

Deborah Krall

Nicola Lamb

Frank Martinez

Isabel Martinez

Adriana Munoz

Katherine Ng

Patti O'Neill

Lisa Rasmussen

Synthia Saint James

Kristin Vanderlip Taylor

And more.....

With Appearances By

Linda Hopkins

Bonnie Lythgoe

Reid Scott

Tara Summers

Courtyard Performances

Henry Dufek

Judi Garratt

Dianne Bye

Contributors:  Whole Foods Market -Fairfax,  Le Spa at Sofitel, Starbucks,  Back Stage, and Office Depot

Save the Arts is an organization created by parents, teachers, students, and the community. Their express purpose is to ensure that all Los Angeles Unified School District children from grades K-12 receive a well-rounded education which, naturally, includes the ARTS: Dance, Music, Theatre, Visual and Media Arts. 

Due to the current economic situation and budget cuts to education, our children are in danger of losing wonderful Arts Education Programs (go to for more details). All of the arts come together to help educate the whole child and allow children the opportunity to be creative and imaginative in myriad ways. The arts teach empathy, kindness, tolerance, patience, teamwork, and compassion. The arts are the great equalizer. You don't have to be rich or an academic scholar to be creative and gifted in the performing and visual arts, you just are. The arts keep students in school. For many children, the arts are a lifeline.

If Arts Education Programs are cut as drastically as planned, our children will lose this important component of their educational experience. Some students' parents will have the resources to expose them to the arts through other means, while most other children will be left without this important part of their educational development. Come, be a part of our "Save The Arts" Benefit by attending the event on June 11, 2011, at the Historic Cocoanut Grove Theatre. If you cannot attend, please consider making a donation and help Save the Arts for a child.


Information :: Fantastic News!

On Friday, May 27th, LAUSD announced that the Elementary Arts Program is fully restored to 2010-2011 funding levels for 2011-2012, avoiding a potential 60% cut! Thank you who have worked so diligently to make sure the Arts have been a focus for both the District and UTLA.

The restoration still leaves Arts Education Branch funding levels 30% lower than 2008-2009. Many LAUSD elementary students will still be denied adequate access to the levels of arts instruction at this level. We still need to fight for the restoration of arts positions K-12, but we've dodged most of a potentially devastating budgeting decision.

Schools are now responsible for restoring Arts and other needs through their own discretionary funds: the tentative UTLA/LAUSD agreement relies on school sites to restore many positions. Please engage with your school site council and administration to make sure your local school is doing what it can to give the children what they deserve! Arts for LA and arts teacher Ronda Brown have collaborated on this

informational flyer on using Title 1 funds to fund arts positions and materials, and here is the budgeting document and instructional flyer for purchasing Arts Program positions at elementary schools.
Stay in the loop
Join in the fight to preserve arts education
-Contact Form-
Video Activism
Submit a 60 to 90 second video expressing how the Arts have impacted your life. Upload the video on
Youtube, then submit your video here. We are sharing these videos through our Facebook page and on our Friends of the Arts Youtube channel.
Download the Video Activism Campaign Flyer. Feel free to distribute
Save the Arts , a newly founded-organization dedicated to preserving arts education in LAUSD, will be holding a fundraiser event and art auction for the Arts Education Branch at the Cocoanut Grove Auditorium Theatre on June 11, 2011. The Cocoanut Grove Theatre serves the RFK Community Schools on the former Ambassador Hotel site in Koreatown.

- Suzanne Nichols, Executive Director, Save The Arts

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