Wednesday, June 15, 2011

An Open Letter to Los Angeles Parents, Students & Teachers – THE LAUSD COMPANY LINE: SMOKE, MIRRORS & LIES


June 15th, 2011 – In 2009 the Los Angeles Unified School District, rolled out a major reform and reclamation program to create quality high performing schools. It was called the Public School Choice Act. , authored by Board Member Yolie Flores. The Act itself was passed by the Board in August of 2009. Since that time we have heard the mantra of parent involvement in every phase of the process as an integral part of addressing the real needs of students and community.

From the beginning I was opposed to the Act for it was blatantly clear its real design was to exclude rather than include the community of Parents and local organizations. Its structure was such that it was impossible for small non education community organization to build capacity to effectively and efficiently operate a public school. In fact the design could clearly be seen to favor specific groups previously mentioned during the development of language for the Act. However, provisions were made for Parent voting. Now we are told those Parents were paid to vote and buses were provided to transport those paid parents. That brings us to where we are today in 2011 with the process in its third round of school distribution. I say distribution maybe it would be better to say allocation of Public Schools to a select group of private (non profit) organizations.

Remembering that this whole movement came about for the community to have a voice and actively participate in the education of their children. Today June 14th at two separate meetings Parents were told they have no voice in the determination of operators of schools in their respective communities. The manipulation has come full circle and the District is actively giving public institutions of learning to the Private sector. Remember, our Tax Dollars paid for these Schools.

More Tomorrow: Budget & Disappearing $$$

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Sonja said...

I remember going to the board meeting to determine Locke's conversion. Three bus loads of folks that I saw there (don't know actual count) paid by Steve Barr's AstroTurf "Parent Revolution" whose leader, Ben Austin was a paid employee by Mr. Barr not a true volunteer. This mob was also provided free t-shirts & a McDonalds breakfast as I recall. While Mr. Barr has the right to spend his money this way, what really bothered me was the quality of those folks buses in. I asked several what type of volunteer work they do at their schools. Many did. None & one even said he didn't even know WHY he was ther but thought it would be "fun" to get a t-shirt. This is Parent Choice - a land grab by wealthy folks to use public funds as they see fit. Unfortunately their plans have never included the moderate to severly disabled or English Language Learners. Until all charters take all children, ther will never be a true "parent choice". Ww should be filing civil right lawsuits against charters for discrimination Kanarese of handing over our public school property and funding for them to trample the rights of those students most in need of help.