Tuesday, March 31, 2015



from LA Times reporter Howard Blume, starting at 5:05 PM - 31 Mar 2015

Howard Blume @howardblume ·  15m 15 minutes ago

L.A. Unified has just filed its application for an extended reprieve from No Child Left behind. If successful,.

Howard Blume @howardblume ·  15m 15 minutes ago

..the district will retain control over $57 million a year in federal anti-poverty funds. If not, these funds must be set aside for...

Howard Blume @howardblume ·  14m 14 minutes ago

...private tutoring services & transportation from so-called "failing schools" to higher-rated campuses. The problem is...

Howard Blume @howardblume ·  13m 13 minutes ago

The problem is that L.A Unified could not, apparently, get the teachers union to agree to a 3-tiered performance evaluation.

Howard Blume @howardblume ·  12m 12 minutes ago

United Teachers L.A. has instead wanted to keep a 2-tier rating system: "meets standard performance” or “below standard performance.”

Howard Blume @howardblume ·  10m 10 minutes ago

L.A. Unified says without the 3 tier system, fed rules say that control of funds will be lost, costing jobs & services to students.

Howard Blume @howardblume ·  10m 10 minutes ago

Today's deadline is for filing with feds. It's not clear that funds would be lost right away if no agreement with union is reached.

Howard Blume @howardblume ·  6m 6 minutes ago

At any rate, it is clear that L.A. Unified & teachers union were not able to reach an agreement today over teacher evaluations.

Howard Blume @howardblume ·  7m 7 minutes ago

Regarding 3-tier teacher eval: "LAUSD understands that this is a requirement of the CORE Waiver and will continue to work with UTLA...

Howard Blume @howardblume ·  7m 7 minutes ago

"...through the mediation and bargaining processes to include at least three levels of performance in the teacher evaluation system."

Howard Blume @howardblume ·  8m 8 minutes ago

A key line from waiver extension request, which also includes districts in Fresno, Long Beach, Oakland, San Francisco and Santa Ana...

Howard Blume @howardblume ·  3m 3 minutes ago

Statement from teachers union: “UTLA is in continuing negotiations with the District and we see the CORE Waiver..."

Howard Blume @howardblume ·  3m 3 minutes ago

"...as one of many issues to be addressed in bargaining.”

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