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More and less than you wanted to know,  far later than you wanted to know it, about the hybrid CCTP/iPad compromise

posted at Fri, Nov 15, 2013 at 5:02 pm, three days after the meeting, vote and passage of the amended revised resolution.

see: AMENDED LANGUAGE FORTHCOMING: Everything you need to know about the iPad compromise reached yesterday


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2cents smf: It is the language of the penultimate resolved:

Resolved further, That the Superintendent be authorized to submit the Common Core Technology Plan, as outlined in Board Report 71-13/14 and revised to include the provisions of this Resolution, to the Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee; and, be it finally….

- that is potentially interesting+expensive – because the Common Core Technology
Plan, as outlined in
Board Report 71-13/14  (also known as Item #43) WAS WITHDRAWN BY THE SUPERTENDENT AND NEITHER DEBATED NOR APPROVED BY THE BOARD (though parts of it were vigorously criticized and repudiated ) YET IT IS INCLUDED BY REFERENCE IN THIS RESOLUTION.

The Board Report  itself contains no detail – but it refers to an attachment that is essentially a PowerPoint Presentation – and one slide in that PowerPoint defines Phase 2:


So, using back o’ th’ envelope budgeting,  Phase 2 includes

  • approximately 40,000 iPads in bullet #1
  • approximately 30,000 iPads in bullet #2
  • and an unknown number of iPads in bullet #3 ….but that number may be as many as an additional 38,000 iPads.

If these numbers are correct the  “smaller/scaled-back” Phase 2 is actually three times the size of Phase 1 – plus the additional laptops, keyboards, support and training and evaluation.

Just the 108,000 iPads @ $770. each =  $83,160,000

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