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20 August 2011

“I'm here to shine a light on a dark cloud hanging over California," Villaraigosa said during a speech to the Sacramento Press Club [on Tuesday]. "I'm here because I believe there's an opportunity for a grand bargain, but it's going to mean including broad stakeholders to acknowledge that we need to fund government. That we need to make government more efficient."

Article Tab: sacramento-angeles-lunche <<ASSOCIATED PRESS PHOTO - Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa laughs while taking questions from members of the Sacramento Press Club after speaking at their luncheon in Sacramento, Calif., on Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2011.

Excuse me while the peanut gallery takes the obvious cheap shots, but:

  • Isn’t shining bright lights on he underside of clouds the Hollywood press agent’s way of attracting the masses to  a dubious event?
  • Is that Grand Bargain anything like Eli Broad’s Grand Avenue Plan? All plan and nothing more?
  • And did the editor forget to capitalize the “B” in “broad stakeholders”?

Of course Mayor Tony is right in challenging the Prop 13 sacred cow.

And he’s the absolute wrong spokesmodel  to do it!

At one time AV was The Man in Sacramento. Now he’s not even a joke – he’s a punchline (rimshot please) in search of a joke.

The AP story cited above  continues:

The Democratic mayor said he was willing to provide political cover to the governor and lawmakers by suggesting changes to Proposition 13, the 1978 ballot initiative that rolled back property taxes and capped their increases. A pillar of California's direct democracy, the initiative is seen as untouchable in the state because it so popular with the electorate.

This is cold war “duck-and-cover” he’s providing, using the school desk to shield us from one megaton at 5000 feet.

Yes, we need to split the rolls on Prop 13 so we can reappraise shopping malls and oil refineries and Van Nuys breweries bought-and-sold (often repeatedly) by multinationals …but taxed at 1978 rates.

But of course the doomsayers, tea partiers and the correctly-concerned say he’s out to get the duplex owners, family farmers and mom-and-pop store owners. And of course to tax widows and orphans while slaughtering puppies and kittens on the altar of Keynesian Economics in celebration of Lenin (or Lennon) and Marx. (Groucho, Harpo, Chico, Karl – you choose.)

There are those who think that Howard Jarvis followed Moses down from Sinai with Prop 13 in hand. We all know better: Charlton Heston as Moses had  the Second Amendment in his script of The Ten Commandments (which is the authentic text of Exodus)  now safely stashed in the  Ark of the Covenant in that government warehouse at the end of “Raiders”.

(If I haven’t offended you in the sentence preceding I apologize; I thought I got everyone.)

Steven Greenhut rants in the OC Register:

Villaraigosa wants more of what doesn't work

SACRAMENTO – Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's speech Tuesday at the Sacramento Press Club left many reporters wondering what the mayor is doing and what he is running for next. It seems odd for an L.A. mayor to fly to Sacramento, give a speech detailing a so-called "grand new vision" even as his city flails amid a budget mess caused by the oldest of reasons – government overspending. I'm left wondering about the future of a state where a serious contender for higher office would tout the ideas Villaraigosa espoused.

Greenhut continues on from his OC perch, blaming Villaraigosa for LA in general and LAUSD in particular – which, I guess – he bears an increasing responsibility for – even as his special piece of it underperforms the rest.

As my favorite Republican, J. Montgomery Burns of the Springfield Burns’ says: “Release the hounds!”

I guess all isn’t for-naught if right-wingers and tea partiers really think Tony is a serious contender for higher office. Just as long as progressives and the electorate  don’t.

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Given his track record, Antonio Villaraigosa hardly seems the one to give advice on how to get California moving again. His city, where he's been chief executive for six years, has been a drag on the state. Its jobless rate (13.9% in 2010) puts it at ...

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In what could be an initial foray into statewide politics, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa called Tuesday for a renewal of progressive politics in California in the nation, including an overhaul of the state's iconic limit on property taxes, ...Los Angeles Mayor Calls For Overhaul Of Proposition 13

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Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is calling for an overhaul to a California law that's often seen as untouchable: Proposition 13, which limits property taxes. By Marianne Russ Villaraigosa: "So to governor Brown, I say, you need to have the ...

Los Angeles Mayor Urges 'Big Solution' for CA Finances - ‎Aug 17, 2011‎

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has offered political cover to Governor Brown and other state lawmakers, as he offered to spearhead a compromise that would reform Proposition 13 while overhauling public pensions and funding for K-12 schools. ...

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