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Letters to the Editor of the LA Times Re "LAUSD bests reform groups in most cases," Aug. 18 |

21 August

I was delighted to see that the Los Angeles Unified School District seems to be more successful in improving the math and English performance of low-income students than the various "reform" efforts.

UC Berkeley education professor Bruce Fuller said it was "eye-opening" that conventional schools showed stronger results.

That's hardly surprising. Studies have already told us that public schools outperform charter schools. Interestingly, other studies have also revealed the statistically significant correlation between per capita income levels and test results. Put simply, Beverly Hills students outperform their low-income counterparts.

What is really lacking is the measurement of students' ability to function at the highest levels of human thought. Tests measuring this function must be hand scored, and nobody seems willing to pay for that.

Bruce Mitchell


I would like to remind everyone that not only did L.A. Unified show greater growth in standardized test scores than the mayor's and other charter schools, but this was done during major budget cuts, furlough days and the laying off of thousands of our district's youngest and brightest teachers.

These scores speak to the dedication and professionalism of L.A. Unified's employees. I say bravo.

Tom Iannucci

Los Angeles

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