Tuesday, September 30, 2008


LA Times Homeroom Blog 29 Sept./Print Edition 30 Sept.

In another sign of the nation's economic woes, fall 2009 freshman are being urged to apply early to California State University.

The application window opens this Wednesday. Because of state budget shortfalls, the system will not be able to absorb as much growth in enrollment as usual, officials said Monday, so laggards risk losing out on the campuses of their choice.

Six of the most popular campuses -- Fullerton, Long Beach, Pomona, San Diego, San Luis Obispo and Sonoma -- plan to quit taking applications on Nov. 30. The remaining 17 campuses will accept applications through March 1, but may close down certain programs or majors. A CSU website tracks which campuses are accepting applications and which majors are open or closed.

This is the second year in a row with tight deadlines; many CSU campuses previously took applications until September. Cal State is the largest four-year higher education institution in the country, with 450,000 students.

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