Sunday, October 09, 2011

GOV. BROWN REJECTS AB165: Vetoed Bill Would Have Banned 'Pay-To-Play' In Schools

Sacramento News Story from the Associated Press - KCRA Sacramento

5:45 pm PDT October 8, 2011 - SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) -- Gov. Jerry Brown has vetoed a bill prohibiting K-12 schools from charging fees for certain classes, sports and clubs.

In rejecting AB165 on Saturday, Brown said it "goes too far."

The bill, by Democratic Assemblyman Ricardo Lara of Bell Gardens, would have prevented public schools from charging fees for books, lab equipment and art supplies. The bill would have also prohibited schools from making fees a requirement to join teams or clubs.

The bill was based on a lawsuit filed the by the ACLU last September arguing that the pay-to-play system violated the state Constitution. It would have mandated that every classroom in the state follow specific complaint procedures even when there were no complaints.

Brown said the "bill takes the wrong approach" to ensuring that children are guaranteed a free public education.

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