Sunday, May 22, 2011

R.I.F./R.I.F.: LETTERS - Standing up for the librarians

Letters to the LA Times May 22 | \ Re "Librarians on trial," Opinion, May 18

I have been an Army hospital librarian, public library librarian, elementary and middle school librarian, school library administrator and a college reference librarian. The school librarian experience I had was the most demanding and rewarding for many of the reasons Nora Murphy states.

I think the Los Angeles Unified School District would be better served by firing some of its lawyers instead of librarians.

Sylvia Hoffmayer
Westlake Village

It's ironic that RIF means "reduction in force" to L.A. Unified as it lets librarians go, when it stands for "reading is fundamental" to all schools participating in a national library program for elementary school children.

Patricia Manuras

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