Thursday, October 14, 2010

SUPERINTENDENT TURNOVER/EMPANADA DE SUPERINTENDENTE: follow up to ‘Compton Superintendent Fired + D.C. Chancellor Quits’

by smf for 4LAKidsNews

14 October 2010 - The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting (in an exclusive, no less) that Arne Duncan’s successor as Chicago Public Schools CEO Ron Huberman has told the city's mayor that he will resign as schools CEO before the end of the school year.  Why, when Huberman has been on the job less than two years?  The Sun-Times claims he is quitting the top schools job because Mayor Richard Daley is not running for reelection in 2012, and Huberman has no intention of working for another mayor. (from EduFlack)

Ray Cortines is leaving LAUSD after a short stay. Darline Robles has left LACOE  after a long one – perhaps to greener (or cardinal-and-golder) pastures at USC – perhaps because she reached the limit of the County Supes’ support.

Michelle Rhee is out in D.C., her mayor defeated in an election. Kaye Burnside is out in Compton – perhaps because of fiscal shenanigans.

One needs only search ‘Fired School Superintendent’ on GoogleNews (425 hits as of this writing) to see there is an epidemic ongoing. Maybe a pandemic. It’s almost impossible to be rid of whatever a ‘bad teacher’ is …but a superintendent is like a baseball manager – caught in a revolving door.

And of course, in LAUSD the average tenure of a principal at a school is two years.  It takes that long to figure out what the keys on the key-ring do!

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