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MORE Q’s THAN A’s RE: Measure E: Q’s and A’s

The following was e-mail blasted by LAUSD Saturday.

smf + 4LAKids continues to advocate a yes vote – but we issue this caveat emptor:

  • compare the “will” promises to to the “can” promises.
  • The promises seem to be how the $27 million school discretionary money“can” be spent …not the $66 million ‘programs for the schools’.
  • “It is the superintendent’s plan…” is hardly binding – only the board of ed can make promises+decisions about how this money can be spent.
  • ….and that rockin’ Enron E doesn’t make me feel confident at all!

Vote Yes ….and then watch every dollar like a hawk!


Measure E will be appearing on Tuesday’s ballot and we want to make sure that you are fully aware of what the Measure is and how funding from the Measure would be applied.  Below are few commonly asked questions and answers….

What is Measure E?

Measure E is a Limited Parcel Tax, placed on the June 8th ballot by the Los Angeles Unified School District, that will generate $370 million over the next four years (approximately $93 million per year) for use at neighborhood schools. 

How will the money be distributed?

Of the $93 million per year, it is the Superintendent’s plan that $66 million will be spent on programs for the schools.

$27 million will be distributed to the neighborhood schools, where they will decide how to spend the money based on their individual needs

How can the schools use the money allocated to them?

This can fund more positions:  Teachers, Librarians, Library Aides, Counselors, Nurses and other school positions.  The decisions will be made by the principal, staff, parents, students and community partners at each school.

How much will this limited parcel tax cost?

It levies a tax of $100 a year over four years on property owners within Los Angeles Unified School District boundaries.  This is the equivalent of $8.33 per month, the cost of two gallons of milk.  Poverty level senior citizens would be eligible for exemption.

For more answers to other common questions and to learn more about Measure E, please visit

This information provided by the Los Angeles Unified School District

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