Monday, June 21, 2010

California Alliance for Arts Education:ACTION ALERT - OPPOSE AB 2446


Update: On June 30, AB 2446 (Furutani) will be heard by the California Senate Education Committee. We see the committee vote as our best opportunity to stop this bill in the Senate. For that reason, the Alliance is meeting with members of the committee and we are urging you to send your own message to the committee voicing your opposition to this bill.

Why we oppose AB 2446: In spite of an uphill battle, we continue to fight, because this bill would add a course in Career Technical Education as an alternative to taking a course in Visual and Performing Arts or Foreign Language in order to fulfill the high school graduation requirement. Its impact would be that fewer students would have access to the benefits of arts education. We support CTE, but not at the expense of the Visual and Performing Arts. As San Dimas music teacher, Bill Martinez, wrote us "Could anyone imagine telling a high school student that they could fulfill a graduation requirement by taking either Algebra or Biology?" We believe it shouldn't be an either / or proposition.

Without a course in the Visual and Performing Arts, students would be ineligible to attend UC and CSU schools. In addition, arts education classes help keep at-risk students in school, increase academic performance and develop what President Obama has described as "21st century skills like problem-solving and critical thinking, entrepreneurship and creativity."

What you can do: We urge you to write to the Senate Education Committee Members, the Bill's author and the Senate President Pro Tem to communicate your opposition to AB 2446. Click here to send a letter now!

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