Monday, June 21, 2010


A Principal Friend Writes TO 4LAKids re: Schools? OUT! |

20 June 2010

Please loudly remind all Board members and whoever else you work with at Beaudry that school IS NOT out for summer at Year Round schools. And while there are no longer very many of us we should NOT be treated like forgotten step-children.

AND MORE TO THE POINT: "One size does NOT fit all" when it comes to enforcing some of the cuts and reductions. If we really believe in equity and access for all students then give year round students the support they need and deserve.

●●smf stands corrected and the loud reminding will be done!

The promise of the bonds – from BB through Y – was to

  • eliminate involuntary busing,
  • get kids back into their neighborhood schools and
  • get rid of year round calendars – once and for all.

We are almost there – but there still are schools still on year round calendars and kids in year round schools ― and we don’t keep the promise by ignoring them. Just because the state allows ‘flexibility’ in spending the Multitrack Operational Grant categorical funds intended for year round schools doesn’t mean the best use for those funds isn’t the intended use.

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