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Volume 34,  Number 4                                         March 2010

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Our Purpose: To secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth.

Welcome to the new electronic Sacramento Update.

From the Director of Legislation 

PTA launches three-pronged approach to California education funding crisis

By Debbie Look

Director of Legislation

In response to the Governor's budget proposal to cut a further $2.5 billion from education funding and the  ongoing chronic underfunding of California's public schools, California State PTA is undertaking a three-pronged plan for action.

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Parcel tax initiative:

Will PTA be the first to qualify an all-volunteer initiative?

By Debbie Look

Director of Legislation

It's a widely accepted fact of political life that qualifying an initiative for the ballot in California cannot be accomplished without using paid signature gatherers. But we're hoping to defy the conventional wisdom and  break new ground by relying on volunteer power alone to qualify an initiative for the November 2010 ballot.

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PTA supports exciting new programs for engaging and preparing students for careers and college

By Nancy Vandell

Legislative Advocate - Education

In the midst of tightening budgets, providing a high-caliber education that links learning to careers and college is a priority for the California State PTA. Two efforts with related goals deserve our attention: Career-Technical Education and Mulltiple Pathways.

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Community Concerns

Should we be concerned about teen violence?

By Patty Christiansen

Legislative Advocate - Community Concerns

She was 16 years old and attending her high school homecoming dance when she became a statistic of teen violence. The school courtyard was dark, but she ventured across it anyway to reach the pay phone to call her dad for a ride home. She never made it to the phone.

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Parent Involvement

Alcohol and babies: A deadly combination

By Michael Butler

Legislative Advocate - Parent Involvement

Fetal alcohol syndrome, caused by drinking during pregnancy, is a major cause of developmental disabilities and birth defects in the United States. And it is completely preventable.

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Governor takes action to fight obesity in children

By Shayne Silva

Legislative Advocate - Health

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced his commitment to fight childhood obesity at his Governor's 2010 Summitt on Health, Nutrition and Obesity: Actions for Healthy Living. During the conference, he stated that his top priorities are the health and well-being of our children and all Californians.

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STEM: A critical new acronym for California's future

By Patty Scripter

Legislative Advocate - Education

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) is an acronym that draws strong statements, such as the following: "Without strong steps to improve support for STEM, the quality of life in California is threatened."

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California budget

Proposition 58 Special Session bills sent to Governor

By Cecelia Mansfield

Legislative Advocate - Budget and Education Finance

On Monday, February 22, the Proposition 58 Special Legislative Session called by the Governor in response to California's fiscal crisis passed a set of measures to narrow the state's budget gap. Actions taken in the 8th Extraordinary Session met the requirements of Proposition 58 that the Legislature act within 45 days of the Governor's declaration of a fiscal emergency.

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Federal issues

Reauthorization of ESEA - We need it now!

By Kayla Plourde

Federal Advocate

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) is overdue for reauthorization, and in its current state, continues to punish California's schools without giving them the tools to provide the education our children need.

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