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forwarded to 4LAKids by Susannah Scott

●●smf's 2¢: Quality Child Care Services and Pre-School are critical components in the success of young people in education. The City of Los Angeles is proposing to eliminate City run child care and pre-school programs, putting child care workers first on the mayor’s list for layoffs.

Under the City Charter, the mayor doesn’t run the City of LA; the city council does.

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To:  LA City Councilmembers

As the Mayor has put child care workers first on his list for layoffs, Los Angeles’ city child care services are on the verge of complete shut-down. City Councilmembers must reject the Mayor’s proposal that includes such layoffs.

Child care is as important to public safety as fire and police as it keeps children safe, juvenile & gang crime down, community order intact, property values stable and allows police to stay focused on serious crime. Eliminating child care services will create a systemic problem that will generate far more problems and expense in the long term than can be justified by any short term budget savings.

City child care services can be improved by restructuring budget and operations to create a self-sustaining system. A successful program and infrastructure exists already; it just needs an overhaul to become more streamlined and efficient.

This is an issue that impacts every city resident in some way – for the benefit of the entire city, I urge you to invest your time and support to save child care services and overturn the Mayor’s proposal to layoff child care services workers.


The Undersigned

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