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By Robert Holguin | KABC |


Dozens of demonstrators gathered outside of John W. Mack Elementary School in South Los Angeles Thursday to call for the removal of Principal Brenda Grady, who has been principal at the school for over a decade. Concerned parents say she needs to be removed for the safety of their children.

Thursday, May 21, 2015 08:01PM  |  SOUTH LOS ANGELES (KABC)  ::  The emotions were raw outside of John W. Mack Elementary School in South Los Angeles Thursday.

"We are all concerned with our children [and] their safety," Khadijah Abdul said.

She was among the two dozen demonstrators who gathered at the elementary school, demanding that Principal Brenda Grady be removed.

"We demand a better principal for this school and we demand a safer environment for our children," Abdul said.

Grady has been the principal at John W. Mack Elementary School for more than a decade, but some parents at Thursday's rally said she is insensitive to Spanish-speaking parents.

"We want Ms. Grady's resignation today," said Raphael Morales, a parent who was allegedly fired from his job as the site manager of the after-school program because he was critical of the administration.

"On May 15, I received my laid off notice telling me that it was a school request. Teachers and parents have not requested this, it's been the principal," Morales said.

Grady did not respond to Eyewitness News' request for an interview, but the Los Angeles County Unified School District issued the following statement:

"[The district] is aware of the parent concerns at Mack Elementary. District personnel and the principal met with the concerned parents on Tuesday. The district will make sure that all policies and procedures are followed."

The L.A. County Unified School District says it will continue to investigate all issues brought to the district.


smf 2centsThe Los Angeles County Unified School District? Really? (Mack is an LAUSD school!)

When the reporters for the network affiliate television station make that kind of error it kind of becomes clear just how informed the public information (and Eyewitness News) is.

The issue, of course, is not KABC and their proof-reading and/or fact-checking,

The issue should not be of the employment of a parent at an after school program – or even of Principal Grady herself. The issue is student safety and the parent’s perception of the safety of their children at  John W. Mack Elementary.

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