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LAUSD Parents Seek Los Angeles Superior Court Civil Grand Jury Investigation/Audit Into iPADS AND MiSiS DEBACLES + smf’s 2¢

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21 October 2014  ::  BREAKING: this morning, LAUSD parents filed a citizen complaint to ask that the Los Angeles Superior Court’s Civil Grand Jury investigate/audit the iPad and MiSiS deals that were costly but seemed highly ineffective. They want an independent body outside of LAUSD to conduct its own investigation.

The Civil Grand Jury consists of 23 residents of Los Angeles who consider whistleblower evidence presented by city or county employees, perform investigations and audits into county or city agencies, scrutinize jail conditions, and also consider requests by Angelenos to address the actions or policies of Los Angeles County agencies. They issue a public report and operate under the guidance of the Los Angeles Superior Court and the judges who sit there.

In addition to holding a press event, one of the main parents driving the request, Kahllid Al-Alim, also spoke to the LAUSD School Board during public comment at the regular session .

Open Letter to the Civil Grand Jury, 10-20-14 by k12newsnetwork

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  • There is an online petition to sign if you support this effort.
  • There are at least three issues in play:
    • The iPads piece, which has the potential for criminal, not just civil grand jury investigation. And federal, not just superior court action. Contract fixing is a felony.
    • The MiSiS piece, which is currently being adjudicated in the Alameda County Superior Court,
    • The letter writer is a member of the Local Control Funding Formula/Local Control Accountability Plan LAUSD Parent Advisory Committee and has every cause to be concerned that that committee was intentionally ignored in opposition to the legislative intent of the LCFF legislation.

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