Friday, October 24, 2014


from Politico Morning Education | by-email

  BATTLING THE BAD APPLES IMAGE: 24 October 2014  ::  American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten is mounting an attack on Time Magazine, urging people to sign a petition [] demanding the magazine apologize for its recent cover about teacher tenure. The cover [ ], which shows a judge's gavel coming down on an apple, reads "Rotten Apples: It's nearly impossible to fire a bad teacher. Some tech millionaires may have found a way to change that." Weingarten said the cover made her feel "sick." "This Time cover isn't trying to foster a serious dialogue about solutions our schools need - it's intentionally creating controversy to sell more copies," she said. Weingarten is imploring people to tweet with the hashtag #TIMEfail. And she said the cover of the story doesn't even reflect Time's own reporting. "The Time article itself looks at the wealthy sponsors of these efforts," she said. "And while it looks critically at tenure, it also questions the testing industry's connections to Silicon Valley and the motives of these players." More from Diane Ravitch's blog: And Time's story, ICYMI:

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