Monday, April 23, 2012


from School Board President Mónica García’s e-newsletter of 23 April 2o12


2cents smf:  Don’t get me wrong, 4LAKids is occasionally guilty of misspellings and typos – and I am first to admit that the rules of punctuation+grammar are made up as I go along. 

But I am not the president of the board of education in the second largest school district in the nation - loudly promising  to be best in the west with 100% graduation and every child college and career prepared - while presiding over 11,70o RIFs, elimination of Adult Ed, a catastrophic reduction in Early Childhood Ed and elimination of Elementary Arts and Music Ed in the district that was until two years ago was the poster child for Arts Education …and this is just what she’s done for us in the past six weeks!

If this is Leading Change - if this is “the future only sooner” -  maybe we need to dispense with both the leadership and the change!

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