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4/26/2012 09:06:10 PM PDT  ::  Ten administrators were named Thursday to lead LAUSD's newly formed Local Education Service Centers [ESC] , part of a reorganization designed to focus more attention on classroom instruction.

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The new structure consolidates Los Angeles Unified's eight local district offices into four regions, with a fifth office supervising struggling campuses. Each region will have a local superintendent to oversee instruction and an administrator to handle operations.

The promotions announced late Thursday by Superintendent John Deasy will take effect July 1.

Linda Del Cueto, who has served the West San Fernando Valley as Local District 1 superintendent, will oversee the entire Valley as superintendent of the new North Region. High school Principal Juan Flecha will be the Valley's operations administrator.

Cheryl Hildreth, a Local District 1 director, will be promoted to superintendent of the West Region, which includes the Pacific Palisades and Westchester. The operations chief will be Jan Davis, who currently works at LAUSD headquarters as an administrative coordinator of secondary operations.

The South Region will be served by charter schools coordinator Robert Bravo as superintendent and secondary Principal James Noble as operations chief.

Roberto Martinez and Rowena Lagrosa, who now head Local Districts 5 and 6, respectively, will be the superintendent and operations head of the East Region.

Deasy tapped his special assistant, Tommy Chang, as superintendent of Intensive Support and Innovation. Michael Hopwood, an administrator in Local District 7, will be the local administrator of operations.

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